[Proposal] Luna Revival plan + video games + NFTs + burn + tax 🔥

Luna Revival plan + video games + NFTs + burn + tax🔥

Tokenomic and sustainable system

#Burn mechanism :fire:
-burn mechanism should be implemented and either sent to the zero address to be burned or we make a new address pool where tokens will be held and released with governance.

#Tax function with time degradation. :dart:
-implement a tax function with time degradation on buying and selling.
Buying tax = 10% (to help with whale purchases and to feed the ecosystem)
Selling tax = 30% (%reduces the longer you hold your tokens, )
Whale tax += extra 10% (to reduce huge sell offs on wallets with large amounts)
3% out of the combined tax should be allocated back to the holders/investor.
When certain thresholds are reached the taxes should be reduced significantly.

#Video game blueprint :video_game:
-Develop high quality blockchain games and release them on popular platforms like steam PC, android and iOS.
Video games will further burn tokens but at the same time give the user the ability to purchase or sell tokens for in-game items or power ups and NFTs.
Weekly video game contest where users bet tokens into pool, winners receive tokens from community made pools.
Pools and game play will be taxed. Minute tax of 0.3% to not discourage gameplay.
Ad revenue for more buybacks and passive income.
Build a sustainable system that will buy and sell tokens in a fool proof way. If your good at gaming we’ll more tokens for you !

#NFT income :art:

  • create marketplace and series of NFTs either by the devs or community to be purchased on third party dapps or video games to further fuel buying and burning.

#clean the house and add a new face to Luna,
hand over Twitter and social media platforms as well.

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Seeking investors

Thanks :sunglasses: :fire: :video_game:
Donations welcome .


Bep20 (bsc)

Erc20 (eth)




High transaction taxes won’t work on a blockchain that is designed to have hundreds of thousands of transactions a day. I think 0.1% is the highest a tax could be, otherwise speculators would just keep all their LUNA2 on an exchange and dodge the tax.

Video games could be a niche for LUNA to differentiate itself, but the brand is so tarnished now, I don’t see how they would want to have any connection with Terra LUNA unless someone new replaces Do Kwon, or he does a much better job at showing remorse in his actions by trying to make UST holders more whole than the current plan.

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That’s why we should use a fixable burning and tax method that reduces over time.

It is dishonorable to abstain in an environment where people are sad and losing their money.
those who abstain don’t deserve to stay in the community

I support. Luna should be get away from any stable coins.

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I liked the idea of ​​games.

TerraLuna could offer some game, or service, or Streaming, to be paid with LunaC. That way it would burn fast.

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There should be a lottery that runs every hour. Burn half the proceeds and give out the other half.

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Agreed. Something similar to pool together token or pancakeswap lottery