$LUNA Revival Plan

With all respect, I briefly send the outlines of what the revival plan should be about, since building from zero a new brand leaving hurt behind the brand that put a name on Terra will give the entire world the image of lack of commitement. In other words, a project without public trust a path to fail. A best proposal plan should include:

1- Put a burn tax or fee of 3% to every transaction in order to stop speculation and volatilty of $LUNA. Daily volume transaction is huge today and could bring millions of tokens back from feeing.

2- Divide the 3% burn tax in two: 1.5% to effectely burn and 1.5% to airdrop pre-attack $LUNA holders. This way old holders couldn’t speculate buying tokens as the SUM between fee and airdrop is zero.

3- Old holders will benefficiate both with airdropping plus the increase in price the burn will cause while they hold. They sure could buy more tokens not as speculating with airdrop but with the expectation that price will rise like any new genuine investor.

  • Run sequence until one of this conditions are true: $LUNA price hits pre-attack value ($66) or supply shrinks to 1B tokens.

  • Same mechanism to $UST and run the sequence until you can fund 60% of supply with real FIAT. With trust the funds will come. Mint the excess in case prices goes above $1

This way Terra will have the chance to gain the recognition of entire crypto ecosystem, and if it succes it may have the potential to be #1 above $BTC Bitcoin.

Compromise. Resilience. Trust. Sometime simple is the best.


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