[PROPOSAL]Re-activate staking after snapshot on Luna Classic -

totally agree.

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Little question (from newbie) :
If this proposal gets whitelisted
And all validators that voted ‘no with veto’ to Terra2 (13% voting power) are going to vote YES to this proposal (re-enable staking)
And we assume that all other validators don’t vote at all.
Then, could this proposal get executed (even with these few validators voting power 13%) ?

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Pls update proposal so we can vote and vakidators also , we need to send messages to validators to vote

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Quorum is at 40% if I am not mistaken, so having 13% of votes would not be enough.

However, voters can override their validator’s choice, so it does not really matter.

The challenge is to get the vote started in the first place :sweat_smile:

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at this point it is unlikely the proposal will go through. but I think this is an important topic worth more discussion. why staking for LUNC is not re-activated immediately after snapshot for V2?

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Abbas, the pre or post depeg is not an issue due to the vote to do a fork! That is the end of that conversation as well as a link between UST and LUNC, that does need to be officially severed.

Again, that was dealt with in the proposal voted on by the insiders primarily and therefore not at all relevant to the future of LUNC.

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I don’t know why no validator comes forward however with currently only 350 million lunc staked all validators income on lunc blockchain are nearly ZERO.

Many already left and the question is how long are the others going to run lunc’s infrastructur like main server ,backup server, seed server etc for free and losing money


You might want to look at this proposal as it is relevant to re enable the governance / stacking process


reactivate it!!!

https://twitter.com/john_is_whale/status/1534315862215344128?s=21&t=3KYL3JS5h4YxtO_AswAAcg do just like the Orion money validator, I asked your community if you want them to vote yes on proposal 3568 to burn luna. What do you have to lose, you already have luna v2 let us try to save luna v1 everything we ask for. Terra Station