Proposal to Create a Decentralized Structure for Terra Luna Classic blockchain

# Proposal to Create a Decentralized Structure for Terra Luna Classic blockchain

Incorporating the methodology of Holacracy

1. First step

We the Terra Luna Classic Community, propose to create a model of Decentralized Structure for the Luna Classic Blockchain. To do so the community would appoint an interim Legal Counsel (LC) that will also serve as interim within the Executive Circle (EC).

Holacracy uses circles, a group of people with a shared goal, responsibility or area of interest within the organization; with the Super Circles being the community. As a starting point the community would create The Executive Circle (EC) who will be tasked with implementing the Terra Luna Classic Communities vision, and to make sure the organization will be self-sufficient, decentralized, and create policies and procedures with transparency at the heart of all decisions.

The EC’s starting Roles will be made of a development lead, a Holacracy coach, a community representative lead, Business Development Lead and an interim legal counsel. The starting Roles within the Executive Circle (EC) would be initially defined as:

Development Circle (DC) - Oversee the core L1 development and code implementation on the Terra Luna Classic blockchain. Create and implement a structured roadmap for the upgrades and improvements required to keep the blockchain progressing in a highly competitive market. The Lead in the Development Circle will be charged with organizing, managing and overseeing works required with other development circles.

Holacracy coach (HC) - Assist in the adoption of Holacracy and the Holacracy Constitution. Assist in the creation of the Luna Classic internal governance structure, as well as implementation of the Holacracy methodology within the decentralized structure. Assist with training of members within the decentralized structure.

LUNAtics Community Member (LCM) - Responsible for representing the community and the super circle, creating information flow to the community on the progress and time lines. Responsible for collecting feedback and comments from the community and representing them to the EC members. Liaise between the community and the EC. Accountable for representing tensions (ideas for resolving these tensions)

Business Development Circle (BDC) - Increase awareness of LUNC, Create business opportunities for Luna Classic Blockchain, Seek out utilities and dApps for the Luna Classic blockchain. Assist and check new projects wanting to launch on the Luna Classic Blockchain. Responsible for dealing with tensions between the DC and any new projects.

Legal Counsel (LC) - Manage the creation of the decentralized legal structure, with the assistance of HC and the EC build the Holacracy constitution. Responsible for contracts required to staff the organization to be self-sufficient, decentralized, and create policies and procedures with transparency at the heart of all decisions.

The LC will also be responsible for obtaining the required legal agreements from Terraform Labs (TFL) transferring full ownership of Luna Classic branding, websites, intellectual property, rights to code and data for the Luna Classic blockchain, to the Luna Classic community.

LUNC will continue to operate as a decentralized blockchain, but we need structure to engage with institutions, business and government, and this EC will act as a representative of the LUNC community. They will be responsible to ensure accurate reporting and communicate all relevant components that require the input of the community, creating and executing a blueprint for business workflow and managing projects to completion.

2. Holacracy overview

A method of decentralized management and organizational governance, which distributes authority and decision-making through circles of self-organizing teams rather than traditional management hierarchy.

Holacracy has been adopted by organizations in several countries due to the ability for greater movement within the organization designed to cope with increasingly complex social environments with a greater degree of transparency and information flow through a clear and concise constitution.

The constitution is designed to integrate communication and cooperation between all roles within the structure and the community into its core to create a more transparent cohesive working structure where everyone is equally valued and all roles are aware on other roles projects and how it will impact their circle, creating a live information flow between roles helping to identify problems earlier and work collectively to resolve issues efficiently.

All roles within the Decentralized structure will adhere to the terms and conditions set out in the Holacratic constitution, which will be drawn up by a legal entity with the assistance of the EC, to comply fully with international law. The constitution will provide structure for the individuals active within the decentralized governance structure, defining their roles, responsibilities and boundaries.

3. Executive Circle

Individuals within the executive circle role will be lead roles of their particular Circle within the Luna Classic Decentralized Governance Structure and answerable to the whole community at-large. These positions would include but not limited to the roles set on in section 1. First step and will be chosen by the community:

*** LCM - LUNAtics Community Member**
*** BDC - Business Development Circle**
*** DC - Development Circle**
*** HC - Holacracy Coach**
*** LC - Legal Counsel**

4. Independent Contractual Employment

Although the Blockchain will be owned and run by the community through decentralized structure, some aspects will utilize services through third party contracts who will be chosen by the community. All contacts will be open to a tender process transparent to the community and open to scrutiny. All partners must be fully audited to include but not limited to background checks to be eligible. Full terms will be set out in the constitution.

5. Ambassador Role

Ambassadors will be appointed by a circle for core on chain activities, and will in effect be department lead roles. The ambassadors for each circle will be responsible for communicating with each other, the executive positions and the community providing monthly reports on issues, current and future projects.

6. Specialized Circles

Some positions within the decentralized structure will need specialist circles who are qualified and regulated such as Attorneys, Accountants and security who will be employed by the decentralized structure and be accountable to the executive roles, the community and the constitution.

7. Budgeting considerations

We propose, that the decentralized governance structure, provide written assurances and agreements to the signatories of the ethereum cross chain multisig wallet [0x9538D438d506Fc426dB37fb83daC2a0752A02757] (“TC Community MultiSigs”) the funds within that wallet to be used for L1 development on the Terra Classic blockchain.

The Community votes to reclaim possession of this wallet and all assets, subject to necessary AML and checks required for the funds prior to their release, and then therein to be allocated to L1 development on chain through the guardianship of the EC with a third party payment provider for example bitwage, safeguarding the funds to be released to the development team(s) based on the scope of worth and released in stages according to proof of work.

As part of this proposal the community votes to release 1% of the oracle pool to be released to assist in the appointment of the EC and to pay for the creation of the decentralized structure constitution, separation from TFL and the contracted employees. These funds will be held by a third party payment company, for example bitwage, who will look after the funds and release them to the EC for work mentioned.

It is imperative that these roles be filled by a professional individual and that we create the budget for that person, to fulfill and evolve the needed elements of our organizational structure. Although this individual will be driving our vision forward, we will always be the engine that powers our growth.

8, Conclusion:

It is our belief that implementing a Structure to the Luna Classic blockchain would increase transparency and information flow, create a united path forward with all teams working towards one goal. With the decentralized structure the Blockchain can be more attractive for larger investors and projects looking to join. We believe that this would result in a net gain for the community and the blockchain.

We will look to show the community the value brought by the structure through two factors, price stability and increase, as well as, burn volume increase. By taking a snapshot of the market cap when the structure is created and started being implemented and review this value after 12 months with an increase showing a net gain and a reduction net loss over that period. We would also look at daily volume/burn volume over the same period with a view that increased volume on chain would increase the burn volume through the tax with the rate remaining the same.

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Too large a leap to take, LUNC absolutely needs more structure but going from a bunch of various groups with differing management structures and capabilities to this seems like it would create a lot of issues. this seems like something that should be hashed out by all of the big various LUNC groups, or more realistically you should set up a holocracy group, trial the leadership structure and build it from there.

Thanks for your reply, We are in the process of implementing the Holacracy management methodology on the Community discord. The view is to allow all current teams and contributors to be part of the structure, but, all work together towards a greater goal rather than compete among the different groups.

You write as if you are representing all of us (the community) which is false. Repeating the same proposal over and over again. About an absurd centralized council that is only going to manipulate and pull the strings of the blockchain in their favor.

this is about creating a decentralized structure to include all. The proposal has been changed based on community feedback on the previous version. There was also input from Holacracy coach to bring it in line with the methodology of the decentralized management structure which empowers people within the structure and gives them the ability to make decisions independently. We see it as giving the blockchain direction and bring all the factions to one common goal, which would increase productivity and investor confidence.

Creating a council is nothing decentralized. Stop camouflaging a false decentralization. We don’t need that. We need developers who can create dapps that grab people’s attention like Anchor, mirror, stader, etc. and people who are capable of improving the source code, its economy, the clearer and more detailed analytics.


I 100% agree with you that we need utility for both LUNC and USTC. The proposed structure would not hinder development, but, brings structure and direction to it. All the parties involved are welcome to participate and new Dev teams would have easy access to assist as well.

Hi Sam, which community discord?

It is the LUNC community Holacracy discord the link is in the community website luncglobal .com

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