Proposal to Do Kwon - we keep $LUNA

DK’s new fork should be called $LUNC, not the current.

we are $LUNA not $LUNC. you can take your shit somewhere else if you want but this is OUR home.

and if you want $LUNA then show us “your size”. make no mistake, i will not paper hand my coins back to you, ser.

We still all should concentrate on only one chain. And with the time when capital is coming and project get some attraction again, then the early investors should get paid out with airdrops and help from all. The community and the stuff. You can easy check out who were the one holding the most Luna and give them back first when everything works again. First peg the ust then go for $LUNA again! Luna was THE name of fking crypto market. Only cause of one failure everyone blaming each other. I can feel your hatress I also lost 12.900 dollar. That is much money for me… but if we all hating each other will not help us out of this situation. We all need stay together and make THIS Luna great again.

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why i can’t make a new post

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