Poll for choossing the name of Luna after the fork (edited)

Choose your favorite name for Luna after the fork:

  • XLuna
  • Dark Luna
  • Old Luna
  • Luna Negra
  • Luna Obscura
  • Crescent Luna
  • Prime Luna
  • Vintage Luna
  • Luna Classic (despite “Classic” being an already taken brand)
  • Occult Luna

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DogeLuna Inu :joy::joy::joy:


I propose Lunamoon, which extend of the idea of meme token, laughing about what happened

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I think it’s important to brand away from Luna. What do you folks think?

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Do not fork. The community does not want that. Do a tax on transactions and burn


how does it sound?
we don’t want a damn fork, but our money back!

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This would be sketchy af imo


There will be no fork. We warned you. If you go against the will of the community people youre getting rekt.

Dokkwong gambled all our investments and now hes playing a second game. Dont f with peoples money.

Please add LUNA ROSA

It is romantic and also means blood moon.


You can read my personal opinion here: Don´t use the brand name Classic!

And here is a Video explaining the DAO Ethereum Fork: The DAO Hack: The Story of Ethereum Classic - YouTube

Profile - Joe_Smith - Terra Research Forum I can’t edit this poll, but I asked the moderators to include Luna Rosa

I propose guarani.

Add “Luna” to the poll. Luna is the genuine LUNA. There is only one real LUNA: The original LUNA! Forkers will need to think up a new name for their coin.

(Bitcoiner here. It’s not directly comparable, because BTC is and was a sound, vigorous, high-value asset—LUNA is a catastrophe right now. Nevertheless, eh… This is not my first time through a contentious hardfork driven by greedy idiots who wound up losing their money.)

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