Proposal to make the Opt Pass legit way ( Binance )

Hello Everyone,

Scuse my english but i am french Canadien.

As everyone know Binance would accept the tax burn , if we show him that its what the community want on his platform.

Our burn Wallet is actualy a community as a whole to meet our goal and i see it as a legit move from an overall community to be united in a single and powerfull move.

Here is what we could do with binance.

Every burn done by ourself as a community on our own blockchain could be redirected to a different wallet for a duration of fews weeks til we done with binance with our new community wallet opted on binance.

So every blockchain burn could be used and turned into USTC to then move it on binance in opt mode on, to purchase back lunc on binance directly, either be used to trade til the 1.2% burn happend on that full amount or close , this 1.2% burn would go to the real burning adress. Otherwise we can simply move back the lunc from binance pay the 1.2% that will be sent to our real burn wallet, rinse and repeat.

This redirected wallet from our blockchain is us as a whole, buying from binance to mvoe it back and forth is what everybody could do alone but we would do it as a whole using our own community wallet. This way we doesnt trick or cheat the system, Mexc, binance burn etc… would still go to our real burn wallet, while our daily onchain burn would be used as a community to help make pass the proposal binance is offering us, along with the effort of the community overall i am pretty sure we could do it as a whole.

Also another point to consider about the burn, what make Cex hesitate to implent it is due to the margin, margin is trading a coin without owning it…its like a put call , you dont own the asset, i know removing the marging from the proposal would make it much slower for the burn on Cex, but i am pretty sure we would be hated for forcing to implent a tax burn on a trade poeple doesnt even own the asset of Lunc ? exactly like you wont ever see lunc tax burn on a put call. This make no sense and would get the community to be hated overall. If someone want to own a part of the blockchain ( as holding a token ) ok you pay the tax but marging and put call make no sense and sure doesnt help us to get our taxburn implented on Cex… spot burn is much better than nothing.

Last point , it could be temp or til the 10 billion remain but validator should be asked to implent 1.2% of burn on the commission , as awhole stacker should also participate into the burn of the 1.2%, i can understand the staking action not to be taxed but the reward from stacking should be taxed, Validator can implent it with whatever commission they need to make their pay after the 1.2% commission taxed.

Thx for your time, feel free to discuss, remake my proposal properly writed if you want.