Proposal to SAVE LUNC from Malicious Actors

A proposal to save LUNC from the Malicious Devs

LUNC community is divided and at risk because of the poor decision makers who don’t have any clue on how to treat LUNC as a business. Check the latest proposal by Alex and Ed,

If I understand it right, it means when one of the 6 members commit any “crime” and if anyone from our community decides to sue them, this proposal allows the malicious actor to use funds from the community to defend themselves in any legal battle. I don’t know about you but this point makes me think something bad is cooking.


I have 0 faith in the way the Devs are trying to operate this blockchain. They have bad PR reps, they refuse to take compensation from the community pool but they join allegiance with shady organizations for funding. They are exposing themselves to huge risks in the process and they also want the community to fund their legal litigations.
These developers have 0 knowledge on how to operate a business. We need business minded people to take control of this protocol. Let’s face it, although we pride ourselves to be community owned, we still follow and depend on these Developers.
So, we need a board of people who will control LUNC from business perspective, ofcourse with governance votes. These developers will be paid from the community pool and focus solely on programming the blockchain. They don’t have to bother coming up with useless, FUD proposals further dividing the community and stop all these drama on social media. I swear to god, every other day there’s controversial ideas and drama going around twitter about LUNC. Outside investors are taking their money elsewhere. I’ve been heavily invested in LUNC since the crash but now I just want to sell my bag and move on from these amateur Devs and their drama. Right now the entire LUNC community is dependent on Terra Rebels, I am sure, soon they will break up. Any negative movements in TR will have hugely negative impact on the face value of LUNC. I want this to stop.
I understand our in-house governance proposals means nada to the outside world but, I propose to get CZ BINANCE and his team to take control of LUNC. They are the biggest CEX, working towards building the biggest DEX. They are surrounded by some of the most talented, business minds in Crypto. If LUNC is to reach the moon, we cannot depend on amateurs, we need professional big brains. Right now, TR Devs and ex devs are anything but professional. They will be employed by the community, if they don’t like it, they can leave, there are countless other more talented developers out there working for Binance. If CZ takes over LUNC, he’ll get other brilliant devs to work on our chain. My thanks to TR Devs for bringing LUNC this far but I just can’t trust them anymore.

If you, the community thinks CZ taking over LUNC would be good, we can make an official proposal on TS and reach out to CZ for further discussions about the takeover.


I wished people would see that we are a community made of so many characters. Unsure if many of them have real world business skills

They should allow Binance to take over help bring some structure and integrity into the Terra Classic chain.

Decentralised is getting messier by the day