Question for the Devs, Validators and the Community

Since LUNA v1 seems to be leaved alone for now; Agora, Station and all the stuff will surely be relied to LUNA v2 only right?
So, how will be implemented any development or recovery plan for LUNA v1 after the 27th? Is there any devs or validators or anyone from the community that will continue to build in this chain?
If yes how so? How will be the governance mechanism for LUNA Classic after the launch of LUNA v2?
Any idea or clarification on this topic will be very helpful.



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No one?

Como puedo comprar la moneda

Puedes comprar LUNA directamente desde binance. Deberíamos hablar en inglés aquí amigo.

(You can buy LUNA directly from binance. We should speak in english here mate.)

Its like we are talking to the wind.

Unfortunately, it looks like they’ve given up on everything. If we continue this way it will be a serious loss of confidence for the investors and also for the audience. I hope that some devs or validators will come to clarify a little about the future of the project. I do not believe that we will be able to move forward with anonymous leaders who have had no connection with the project in the past. We will see…