Realistic proposal

This is an outsider point point of view please take a minute to read

I have seen several proposal to save Luna, Terra and UST, but sadly most of them depend on waiting others to take action, and i think the Luna holders need to act to save Luna

The [email protected] should be aware that right now all of you, and the terra foundation are on different paths…the foundation will prefer start over from scracth, but the best for the Luna holders is to save Luna.

if you realize this, you’ll see that the [email protected] need to take action…the minting should stop and you need to start burning coins, however these coins are on private hands so is not so easy…you as Luna holders need to organize and check how many Luna do you have and make a sacrifice, give away a % of your Luna to be burned (only if the minting stops)

you probably are wishfull thinking there is a way Luna is back on 90$…but be honest, is not in a near future, and definitively is not gonna happen without action.

Also may think i don’t want to lose 20% or 30% of my coins…but if those coins worth 0 whats is the purpose??? if you are able to make a sacrifice and see Luna prices back on track maybe there is a future…and people love underdog, of you do this and the price goes up,pretty sure people will make the price goes up and up.

Last but not least, the worst thing happening right now is the silence…organize yourself and tell the world what you are doing

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I would vote right now to have a percentage of my Luna burned in order to save the project, but I also think terra labs needs to do something big for the community rallying around the project and willing to do that.

We need to bring this idea to a vote.

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