Remedy proposal post closed? Pls unlock it!

The best proposal closed due to flags?


I know. What does flags even mean

Unlock it admins


what could the reason even be @terra

It was the only post without ppl attacking each other…


except for the one who went too far

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do not report anyone in thread anymore or it’ll get blocked for 4 hours, this is how this forum works.

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Good to know

Fatmans proposal is locked too. wow

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Yup only those 2 have been closed , really strange

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I think its because lot of ppl flagged(reported) the guy who was being racist in the thread multitude of flags=lock for 4 hrs

More posts are being closed "automatically "

Except for one @dokwon. Very interesting. @system Admins please fix this.

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If they are locking it, does it mean that they read it?

Nah, it’s automatic. I don’t know why there is no online moderator on a forum for a billion dollar market cap coin.


Maybe on purpose, because it was getting too much attention?

moderators got few millions from our cash and also chilling on yaht and a bit sucking dontkwon dick so that’s okay