Search all LUNC tokens not traded and send to a pool

Find all LUNC that never traded since the depeg and pool them.
This is really intended to lower the circulation and collateralize them.
Then use them as incentive for a fully/part collateralized stablecoin backing.
My best guess is they are with validators or exchanges.

If we can pool enough LUNC for a period of time and find backers or the community to buy back USTC at a cheap price, we could relaunch as UST/aUST. The pool of LUNC never traded would not be missed by investors.

LFG & the community should be able to track the coins
LFG to contact exchanges and validators to lock USTC into a pool
LFG to approach Tier 1 funds to buy back USTC and back relaunch with a new stable coin formula, presenting LUNC tokens as collateral.

Simple enough?

1 Like do just like the Orion money validator, I asked your community if you want them to vote yes on proposal 3568 to burn luna. What do you have to lose, you already have luna v2 let us try to save luna v1 everything we ask for. Terra Station