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Hello everyone,

In order to support Luna Classic increasing its volume and help the Burn, I think it would be good if we could bring crypto also to the non-crypto users as well, to create a win-win… win situation.

I think about a global shopping platform, with worldwide acces and only one main entrance.

It’s a mega project the way i see it and we need therefor programmers who are visonairs to create it, but i believe this could help to grow Terra Luna Classic’s volume again enormously, bring back trust and stability, i even do believe this project could give Terra (Luna Classic) again a trustworthy name for those who lost a lot of money before, i even believe, this project would help to attract them again.

How i see it (short)

Once a user gets to the landing page, they have to verify that it is a real person. When verified they enter an amazing virtual world ( a game world) with giant shopping malls, spread worldwide, from here they can go through different countries inside the mall, there also should be social and gaming places, you can enter a store just by entering the door, like in a ordinary shop, but before entering the person needs to be logged on, so if the store is only for adults the user can or cannot get acces to it.

The stores in the big mall are real online shops but they are also build on the blockchain technology,

The shop owner must use the platform for which they pay every month a rent, of this rent, for example, 10% will be used to burn and the remaining amount can be used to further grow out Terra Luna Classic, maintain the platform, etc.

Within the platform, advertising panels (bilboards) will be there to offer advertising, the money from this advertising income can also be transferred, for example 50% to burn, 50% to increase the terra Luna Classic volume.

Advertising can be done by big and smal company’s, like coca cola, pepsi, Tesla, etc. and also very small companies but with the support form the platform so they get big visibility, for small companies i think about low cost advertising.

Inside the platform you can also travel to another country to go shopping, so you can shop in realtime in another country aswell! Payments and shipping costs etc. should be able to be handled separately at each merchant itself.

All people can pay with there own fiat money and payment options per country or crypto at the shop owner, only the shop owner pays their contribution in crypto to use the platform, a part off the contribution gets burned, a part to fill up the volume, a part for creation and maintenance off the platform, etc.

In this way we could bring crypto and non-crypto, online together on a global level and Terra Luna Classic can experience enormous growth.

If we can create this in a fairy-like atmosphere where joy, peace and love reign, this is a guaranteed success for what i believe!

So we could create a virtual world with realtime shopping abbility to increase volume and burn faster.


If you have a desire, then do all this at your own expense.

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If it can support the growth off Terra Luna Classic, i believe this is a great way but i do not have the funds (all by myself) and knowledge for this.

Thank you for your feedback

So your are explaining pretty much a meta verse which are being done many times over. I don’t want to sound like an ass but lunc has failed and so is ust. They have no purpose and unfortunately it’s time to realise losses. :confused: Why would developers go to the work for a failed project that turned out to be a scam?

thank you for your feedback.

A lot off people are doing things to try and save Lunc and thats why i was thinking this could be also some good possibility to support Lunc.


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It would be good but unfortunately Do Kwon completely trashed it :disappointed:

You should try getting behind the project instead of trashing people’s idea’s. Many on Lunc have been trying to revive this project. Lunc could be on the verge of a revival as we speak so I feel negative people should fall in behind the efforts of the majority and stop drowning in self pity. MR GOLD


Stop making assumptions… Self pity :joy::joy::joy:… Realist. Unfortunately being scammed is being scammed. You were scammed. I don’t hold luna, I had some ust on binance after selling 2 eth and was scammed. Although nearly 10k went I only spent 300usd on the 2ETH, I accept IT. So please don’t pretend you know me.

That’s called a metaverse

I lost $33,000. What will it give me? Will it return my money? Is it only beneficial for those who bought LUNA for 0.000000?

If you spend $100. and buy Lunc now you tell me if it will be beneficial if the price rises dramatically after today. Nightwalker

I appreciate your enthusiasm OP. I initially joined many projects because I thought (mistakenly) we all felt the same way about crypto, defi, and what they could mean for those of us not in the millionaires’ club. But Luna’s failure–and especially the response of too many in the community who welcomed the opportunity to prey on others and championed community leaders who succeeded in doing so b/c … that’s business–have completely soured me. Without stringent regulation, something I resent needing, I won’t be giving my trust and cash to any more projects. There are just too many bad players and no nearly foolproof way to find (early) and remove them. Almost impossible to rebuild trust once it’s lost. Good luck to you.