Social Burning or community burning plan without fork

I just want give my ideas to help :

If the crypto community want really Terra Luna recover from this attack,
we need support from all (exchanges, investors, Terra Luna foundation, users, Dapps dev) participate on this.

we need to call for all crypto communities to participate to this, because an attack of one blockchain is like attack to all blockchains and crypto space.

Very easy plan to get $Luna recover from hyper inflation of the coin about 7 trillion.
i called the community burning plan, i explain what it is :

in 4 steps :

  1. Terra Luna foundation have to create new address (social address).

  2. The community buy $Luna, this purchase will qualified call of help community i mean (exchanges, investors, users, dapp dev or anyone want help).

  3. Send the purchased $Luna coin to the social address of the foundation.

  4. The foundation burn the coins.

Keep doing this till we reach a the first target of supply of 40 Billion.

====how to collect the fund=====

+Exchange they made a lot money from the high volume from trading last days so they buy back $Luna with collected fees and then send to the address of the foundation. (if they want help for more they are welcome)

+Investors inject some fund.

+Users (real fans) buy as little as they can now the price is very cheap so just 10$ of $Luna (or more if they want)

+Terra Foundation Guard Found (bitcoins) : buy back with bitcoin that they have.


In this way not only Terra foundation have to pay all but with participation all of us we can win this battle, the union makes us strong.

Let show the world that we are (crypto community) something special.

so to really recovery without fork the only solution that i found is this social help to burn $Luna.

Have nice day.


I’m willing to burn 10000 LUNA


Why not just have LFG use the reserve and buy in the market and burn? Seems like the same thing but more complicated by getting individuals actors involved to buy and send to LFG to burn. I agree burning is the only move right now


That would be great but the initial step must start from the Luna company themselves. The community as a whole already lost so much investment in Luna, so the first initiative step should start from the Luna company.


All the better if we have a community burn address that motivated users can use but the LFG reserve needs to lead the charge on the burn

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They really need to use LFG reserve to do that, but it must be done in small amount, step by step, to avoid downfall of other coin in the market. Hopefully they start to use it soon while community still believe in them.

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to reach 40 billions they need buy and burn 6960 billions (6.9 trillions of luna) so this is huge if we participate it will show that the community want this project to continue without the fork, not only the individuals. if you read well i said all need participate even exchanges.


I agree they cant dump all the BTC at once and try to spike luna out of this inflation. Make an official announcement of the buy and burn, create a community burn address we can all use and i bet people take that as a good sign and buy luna to burn or to speculate and front run the LFG buys. I think we need to drive buys by any means necessary and get the circulating supply under control


Another way would be set up a burn tax on ea h transaction. There were 19 Trillion coins traded yesterday, even 1 percent would chip away at the circulafing supply pretty fast. See my plan for more details on this as well as how we can save both UST & LUNA.


yeah read it and i like this idea we can do both tax on transaction and social collecting to burn :slight_smile:

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Buy and burn, community burn address and a burn tax on all transactions. We can do it all


And the third part which my plan covers is ensuring UST gets repegged immediatly. The assets backing UST which is not FIAT based can actually grow with a good return, giving UST a profit. Any profits on UST should be used to burn LUNA until it is back to pre UST depegging levels.

If you buy BTC/ETH now while it’s low, it can be a double by years end.

Judging from the trading volume on the 14th-15th. Luna can be reborn. But you have to burn a penny.
Please develop and pay attention to this proposal. Luna can be reborn without new currency. Now we need to buy back the coin together, burn it and don’t recast it. Shrinkage.

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OK - I’ve read this. And I like it. We have a team of public relation specialists that can give this movement worldwide attention. We have the contacts to Luna influencers. If we can create a burn address etc. Let’s start the movement. Let’s do the impossible. Let’s do a shib and let the community take things into our own hands. Let’s do it for everyone that lost at the top and HD their lives destroyed. Let’s change our own lives. Let’s show that Do is only 1 man vs an entire community including ceo of binance. Why are we waiting for one man to change the community when the community have the power? I’ll be honest, the technical side is not my specialty but our team are freaking rockstars at momentum. Technically can we create a burn address? Technically what else needs to be done?


hello,here is my suggestions about a burning mechanism to LUNA,Please read it a little,thanks

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I urge you to participate in this poll


The creator needs to burn not community .thats like a slap on the face


The creator need to BURN .


90% of those making such proposals did not even finish primary school.
They simply have no place in the crypto market if they cannot calculate 2 + 2
Finish with this. Everything is the same .
You just litter the feed with equally stupid sentences.

Now there are MANY billions in wallets … out of almost SEVEN TRILLION coins. Most of those who are waiting for a price of at least 0.001
This burning will take YEARS, even if the price rises exponentially. And billions of dollars will be spent on this, which can be used for development, and not to feed speculators with them.
Not to mention the fact that in such a time both the project and the community will die completely.

What is 40 billion? just dust!

  1. A certain percentage must be fixed according to the purchase time(before or after de peg)

  2. The donation validated the wallet for further continuation .