So we're in a headlock?!

I see that there’s a proposal for a burn tax of 1.2% of all transactions, but I feel like we’re at the mercy of the validators to push this. Most of them have probably already moved to 2.0, or simply don’t agree to this approach. What can we do?

We are at mercy of the validators

If Do Kwon pushed another proposal every validator would suddenly resurrect and vote yes even if the proposal was to eat boiled shit lol


Yes explain this situation, what is this silence ?

We are still in this chicken and egg problem.
There are already many proposals to re-enable staking (so that community can vote) but validators don’t vote for it.
They are in total control of the governance and they won’t vote anything that would give the governance to someone else.
Why don’t they let the chain back to the community now that they have another chain (Terra 2) ?
Maybe they want Terra classic to get rekt so there remains only one chain Terra (Terra 2) ?

we need to push to enable re-enable staking first before anything

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Validators and Do Kwon are silent because they are criminals.

If they were innocent, they would keep us informed.

What did they do, like a fork, a new source of income to cover up the event?

Remember that these people have victimized millions of people.

I hope someone breaks your silence and you get the punishment you deserve.