Social media burn

I’ve been looking for people who want to build this project for Lunc for some time, I don’t have the knowledge myself. Since it is very challenging to find someone, I want to share the idea here.

Lunc has a very large amount of Lunc in circulation which has a detrimental effect on price and interest due to the high amount in circulation.

This amount can decrease, but requires an enormous effort and a lot of investment.

Advertising can help to get the amount down.

What if Lunc gets its own social media platform owned by the community and users, but with minimal advertising, a kyc secure environment, no possibility to create extra fake accounts so that scammers or spammers are immediately excluded. On Facebook you have a marketplace where scammers contact almost every message posted, saying that a transporter will pick up the product and pay for it.

This can be avoided when a fake account cannot be created. A user can only create 1 account and it must be real, a company account can be created at a company, but also only employees can gain access when they have gone through the kyc and have an account.

Ad credits are purchased via fiat money, this money is automatically converted to USTC, when an ad is placed, 70% Lunc will be purchased and burned with the USTC, 20% goes to development on the platform, 10% is for earnings/ Commission.

When an ad is placed, the user who views the ad can share the ad and receive a small commission, so there is a cheaper form of advertising for the ad placer.

Thus, people using the platform can earn USTC as earnings/commission by inviting new users.

Also, when a user purchases credits, part will flow back to the person who referred.

There can be gaming on the platform with free games and paid games, these paid games can be purchased with USTC and burn Lunc.

For example, secure storage of data can also be provided for a monthly fee.

In short, a social media platform that is safe and does not sell private information.

This idea is a modified form of an earlier project that was stopped by governments, the name was Vitae and it aimed to eradicate poverty, this was a working system and it was stopped by governments just before its official launch and described as a fraude system, I have tried to contact the persons of Vitae but to no avail but i do believe in what it could have be.

How I propose it is different from how the system was developed because there was some kind of mlm system built in, I thought it would be better if it was a standalone system without any kind of pyramid.

For example, a community system such as in terra station can be used, with which the community can determine and vote with USTC or Lunc on how the social media platform will be further developed and the development should also be available for everyone who would like to build on it and make it better, a project or expansion can be added to the platform, must be first approved by the community before publication, any approved modification will be reimbursed through USTC or Lunc for predetermined rates.

There should be no possibility for a majority to vote, eg person a can only cast 1 vote and has no %, every vote counts.

This is an idea how I think, maybe this is a project for the developers to bring this to reality because unfortunately I have no knowledge for this, but I do see this as something very powerful.

I am convinced that such a kind of platform can ensure that the amount of available Lunc will be greatly reduced with this system.

I like the idea, some what similar to what I am currently working on


This is a solid Idea, BIIIG task to take on though.

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You can build some social media project like this?

Everyone who want could work togheter, this could be a community project. Sadly i am not a programmer :pensive:

Yeah indeed, but it could be a community project where everyone can build on.

Of someone who know how to mannage this could start with something, maybe a plan or roadmap, i want to help in sharing ideas