Solution forward

I’m new here, and bought in the last several days. But my team and I have been working on a project based on Terra for months, so we are believers.

IMO- We need a statement from Do that Terra as is will continue and the Team and Investors are 100% behind this going forward. They should also commit to a massive buyback right now and take out every seller on the way up. The trend would change and the public would follow… any shorts would cover and push it higher!

Let everyone average down, let people make money and run this back up as fast and hard as it ran down! We’ve all see V shaped charts as we look at other tokens.

I believe if they walk away or abandon the existing structure, then Terra is dead! But they have to step up and commit to this as is and very soon. Then a month or 2 from now this would be a great story of how the leader and the team saved a great project.

Reissuing some hybrid version of so many new for old won’t work. Many will just get screwed and Terra will lose all respect and die in my opinion.

Do Kwon is Missing :c
there goes my life saving… gonna be homeless soon

The ONLY way to save Terra is to have a massive reversal up to force shorts to cover and drive the price higher as violently as it went down. Everyone has the chance to avg down and buy more right now.


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