Decide anything now or never

hey whoever is now in charge of further action regarding terra
I think noone wants to be kept in this kind of state
decide what you want to do and do it
at the moment lack of decision = just assume terra is gone and we move on
projects are starting to migrate to other chains
I believe this is last moment to announce the decision and act, right after weekend
lack of action is also an action unfortunately


Yes why it takes so much time to decide!
Just do what you already have in mind.
They gonna do what they already planned so why prolong it?


Irresponsible terra team is talking by themselves in their “war room” while innocent investors are left clueless.


The community wants to do something, which is the decentralized part of the network. Meanwhile TFL is either acting as a centralized failure by doing nothing, being grossly incompetent, or worse, conspiring to hijack the network.

This would make one hell of a movie. Let’s call it “Your Size Is Not Size.”

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We need a new leadership ASAP!!!

has to abandon the project because most investors don’t want a fork. exclude UST by BUSD, USDC!


could be the new leader of this project as well or any other qualified developer, not the one who is looking to kill the biggest project so far.

Since you replied me, how about you make me the leader :joy: