Some questions about LUNA FOUNDATION GUARD

Hey guys, I don’t want to sound like a killjoy but I have a few questions about the LUNA FOUNDATION GUARD, can you shed some light?

1/ Who took the decision to create LFG? Unless I am mistaken, I have not seen a governance vote for the allocation of 50 Million LUNA to this association.

2/ How will we be sure that the funds will be used wisely? since it is a matter of funds that escape the governance of TERRA MONEY.

Forgive my distrust, but I am wary of non-profit associations where a handful of men hold large funds and can, for the cost, distribute them a little easily within their own circle.


It wasn’t from the community fund. It came from the TFL stash of LUNA which they have 100% control over.

ok thanks for the info, I had missed that

Wonder if this was sold? Is there a way to see where this went or if it was sold??