Funny community, Funny vote

The future of 6.5 trillion coins is determined by 3.7 million coins.

What’s the point of this vote?


i think to ensure that the pre-depeg holders are getting another large bag, this vote does not care about the community imo.

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Terra Community Pre-crash is like the kid who ruined games on the playground by taking their ball and making his three friends go along with their tantrum by kicking them in the junk.


Illegitimate voting process leads to illegitimate voting result.

Under what basis can Do Kwon & co be excluding majority of luna token holders, 6.53 trillion luna now, and still 545mm luna getting printed daily, and the voting pool is < 500mm.

This is supposed to be a decentralized blockchain. Why being paralyzed and held hostage by Do Kwon and Co?

The community (luna holders of 6.5+ trillion luna + ust holders) should take over the validation process of the Luna chain, re-institute a proper governance process with all stake holders’ voices can be heard and expressed.

If a grassroot movement can emerge with strong leadership taking over the blockchain validation process, luna can come back strong, and luna >>> luna2.0

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Strong leadership could be found with proposal 1242.

Why this is not getting more traction at present is bewildering to me.

With regard to voting. Has anyone been able to ascertain if the 221,021,746 Luna staked across validators by LFG has been used in proposal voting?



Majority of token holders? That feels like a goverance attack. I scooped up millions of luna the last week at a tiny fraction of the cost that i got 10,000 luna with over the past couple years. People spending $100 and having more governace power than people that accumulated luna through 5 and 6 figure investments due to a black swan, hyperinflation event is unfair and an attempt to manipulate the network. People crying about this are clearly not long time holders and are not invested in the success of the project or you wouldve seen the anouncements of staking being closed to prevent goverance attacks. This shouldnt be a surprise if you actually follow the project and have been participating in the network before the depeg.

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As a LUNA holder and been staked in governance for over a year I see it as a problem. Sure governance could be hijacked is an issue LFG hijacking governance is ALSO an issue. Btw IS Do Kwon behind current events? Did he even write the LUNA v2 proposal? I mean his account here did and his Twitter account posts… but these are just accounts and not necessarily the actual person behind them. The style tone type of communication way changed. Kwon I grew familiar with was much more engaging.
Hey Do Kwon you ok buddy? How about an interview somewhere or a video release talking about current events?

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An understandable approach? To protect against a governance attack as clearly stated in the tweet. Ok, perhaps. On the other hand, the question remains - are those LFG staked tokens now being used to vote? And if they are, what does that mean?

I understand the pain in Brandolini’s Law but refuting the bull is required here. Why?

I am new to LUNA and new to these forums. I am considering a small investment. If proposal 1623 goes through, it seems prudent to hold LUNA before May 27th (and I shouldn’t be blamed for the price I pick those up at).

Perhaps most surprising, and the reason I am still holding back that investment, is the quality of communications and lack of remedial clarification. With the team running full speed into a fork, and with poor comms amid community outrage. The reading on my '“Do your due-diligence son-ometer” has its needle firmly in the right hand side of the scale.

If it’s shown that the aforementioned tokens have not been used to vote, the needle shifts a little. There are plenty of other things that could be communicated to this aim. Instead I’ve seen complaints regarding threads being closed early, highlighting of certain proposals, and stories regarding extremely timely dissolution of TFL, to name just a few of the more commonly seen claims. “Come on guys! Assign a few people to this task!! It’s not Algorithmic Finance!!”

You should be as concerned about these things, and also wish them answered. Everyone here should.

At least there’s an upside - I’ve learned a hell of a lot about LUNA and Do Kwon over the last few days.

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