Split Luna

Luna is supposed to be a fungible token. Each Luna bought should be treated exactly the same as any other Luna no matter who owned that Luna and with what intention this Luna was bought. Given all these unfair opportunistic proposals coming from a big chunk of Luna community members Luna should be split and a new chain should be created that rewards everyone in a fair way.

It is obvious that the Luna team is trying to cheat the rescue plan in such a way that they are going to get benefited the most and people that bought Luna later and also lost a lot of money are being thrown under the bus here. The part of the community that is being stolen from needs to react.

Split into a new Luna chain independent from the current Luna development team. The snapshot should not be made on 10 May but today before the chain halted. The Luna team made mess after mess after mess.

They should never have hyperinflated Luna to save UST. Inflated … OK … but not printing 30b Luna in 1 day. They should have told UST holders that holding the peg was going to be very difficult in the short term but if they don’t sell and keep believing in the team the peg would eventually be restored. This would have avoided UST holders dumping their UST which would have kept UST higher. Then they should have fixed the peg by borrowing money or finding outside investors. And then they should have dealt with the algorithm.

To make matters worse now they want to save their own asses by simply stealing from people that bought in after the attack. This is an authoritarian cash grab. The team is not willing to take responsibility for their actions. What they should be doing right now is not making a new chain but first restore the peg without Luna and afterwards buy up trillions of Luna they printed and burn it. They made this mess and therefore the team should also be taking part of the pain they are responsible for.

But instead of being honest, fair and take responsibility for their mess, they want to take the easy way out and recover their losses at the expense of what they call the marginal buyers. The whole point of the blockchain is that if 2 big groups inside the community don’t seem to agree, the community needs to split and therefore the chain needs to split as well.

If there is enough support for this proposal then lets do it. If money is needed, lets hold an ICO or an NFT sell. I am willing to invest in a new and fair Luna chain. Unless of course, the Luna team reconsiders its position. But if they don’t, lets split the chain.

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