Split proposal into two: one for ecosystem contribution tax, the other for tax reduction

I propose that we split the current proposal into two parts. One for tax reduction and another for ecosystem contribution tax. This is because they are two separate issues and should not be voted on together. Suggestion originally made by LUNC DAO.

Number 1.

Title: Direct 0.12% of the burn tax to ecosystem contributors (developers, validators, Terra Rebels)

Number 2.

Title: Reduce the burn tax from 1.2% to 0.2%

VERY different things. There is community consensus that donating to ecosystem contributors like validators developers and TR is a good thing and is necessary to proceed properly. But community consensus does not want to reduce the tax yet (65/35 votes on Twitter). Therefore they should be SEPARATE issues that can be voted on SEPARATELY.

Let me know your thoughts on this and if its good we can put it on formal governance.


If the proposal 5234 should not pass, you should definitely give it a go! :pray:

you win this round buddy