StakeBurnMode (SBM-Contract)

If the ETH People get their hands on it and work well on the update, ensuring everything they promised safely, and etc… it will be a divider for cryptocurrencies, first because much more useful than BTC is almost a LUNA, far away… Taking the price of gas out of the eyes of any idiot, it will greatly reduce the dependence of BTC. It will be great because it will give a little more firmness in the market and all the force involved in it… Hopefully they get it right and help us as soon as possible :wink: Always good to join forces…

And our brother Elon Kusk, has he bought BTC and LUNAC again?

Elon Kusk = Mix btw Elon Mosca and Jim T Kirk

Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk :slight_smile: Have a Big Day everyone!


I have the impression that the BTC pyramid will be an excellent salvation against the approaching inflation… in the USA… and in other countries totally dependent on the dollar, ex USTC…

Because, in addition to having a limited amount “scarce”, it will gain strength when retail “ordinary people like us”, start buying and causing the famous bull run. At this point, this will be essential because it will significantly reduce the fluctuation, buying, keeping in your own portfolio and exchanging only what is necessary at good prices. Education issue.

Only then will BTC prove its worth, otherwise, it will be hostage to the omeric fluctuations seen at all times…

So, in conclusion… Buy BTC, keep it in your own wallet and thank God for the good advice… But keep your money of bills and food protected… You don’t wanna to get surprise and be despaired…

I hope you know to use with wisely our Technology Pyramid with Security-Key, BTC. Gold is another alternative and have liquidity too…

What’s the idea!

If each person has 0.01 BTC for 21,000,000 that would be at least 2,100,000,000 people… for 7 billion

7000000000 / 2,100,000,000 = 3.333333333333333 (Divine)

It is entirely plausible to have this number realized, I see it easily… the problem is the others… Perhaps the creator of the project had this same thought…
So the sooner you buy, the later you’ll smile.
I keep buying lol :wink:


If India and China buy and distribute at least 0.01 BTC to 60% of their population, BTC will be scarce for the world :wink: watch out :slight_smile: BullRun starting from now Kkkkkkkkkkkk

You can call it teamwork :wink: Perfect! :heart_eyes:

Thank God, a lot of people screwing around with other cryptos, taking the focus off LUNAC a lot :wink: They’ll have something to worry about this week and they’ll forget about us… In the meantime, let’s turn it around and be the Anchor that will save many
This week we will hit the mark of 0.05USD :wink: Success to All!
Have a Great Week, with Lots of Profits!

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Terra-Lab’s and Ecosystem

Don’t be afraid of LUNA, or LUNAC… We all learned from this, in other words… now we know that our coins need 20% more BALLAST than the liquids offered, which I’ve been warning since March of this year … So, another lesson… Listen to good advice… There is no good way out of honesty… (TRUTH=HONESTY) is fundamental. If you believe in the spiritual world, I’ll let you know that they know everything… So, when a dishonest person does something, they don’t approve… and it gets registered, on the Blockchain of our Universe…
Advice, let’s take the PEG back and physically insure it with cash, gold, anything but anything that fluctuates so much… if used, consider the wide range of such assets…
That done, this is the best Blockchain created ever.
Merits to BTC, ETH, anyway, everyone who works honestly!
Congratulations, we won!
Let’s resume life with the security that I can do everything in him who strengthens me!
We are in this together and we will be even stronger!

LUNATIC family, I love you!

Don’t worry about BTC, it’s just a few miners relieving household expenses… :wink: this too will pass… BTC towards 1 million!

:wink: Tenha Fé!

It’s always good to buy BTC and ETH directly from the miner, P2P, the price is well discounted, it avoids market fluctuation and the best, no one will know, only those involved :wink: Here’s the tip!
Good and discreet deal for everyone without causing damage to the market, fungible mode:wink:

People need to stop being afraid and buy BTC, only the strength of retail is able to dominate the dirty market, BTC needs to be well distributed to be what it really is… Let’s distribute BTC to everyone! My common people with BTC and less BTC on exchanges…

Do the mods not moderate this forum anymore?

Think about the existence of our universe and accept everything as it is. Don’t be afraid and accept

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Friend, no one forced you to visit this post, have a little respect… with your brothers:wink:

Variety is the spice of life, life would be very boring if we were all the same :smiley:

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Brother, you know what you say, I approve and appreciate what you said, I’m free and that bothers a lot, a lot of people… I’m with you, be salt in life, that type who likes food…
As the Master said …“if the salt doesn’t salt, it’s good for not being trodden on by the ignorant…” A kiss on your heart!


Brother, you know what you say, I approve and appreciate it, I’m free and that bothers a lot, a lot of people… I’m with you, be salt in life, that type who give like on food…
As the Master said …“if the salt doesn’t salt, only serve to be being trodden on by the ignorant…A kiss on your heart!

Small analysis
Regardless of the Fed’s decision on interest rates, I am still fully convinced of the strength of crypto assets and gold as a true hero against inflation. Remember, in the middle of the game they can print more money and increase the problem, the system was made for it, while BTC, ETH, LUNAC, LUNA, BNB, NEAR… etc, and gold, will continue to be excellent options… Simple as that, they cannot print more BTC nor gold nor diamonds nor any crypto with defined supplement. They cannot inflate these items… They are scarce!

Buy Buy Buy LunaC Bull Uhaaaaa

With regulation coming, BTC will go from dirty, mean-spirited hands to clean hands eager for abundance and prosperity… Farewell to the crooks who use BTC, bye bye!

@tesseract, Nice! That is ideia!

by LP’s seem a good way… AstrO, LooP and SpectruM can help with this… sure!
Let’s work team, we can do!

We need study better to chose dates and rates to commum sense colletive. Try to keep the rules above conform that i proposed and use LP to apply this contract function. I see future in this!