StakeBurnMode (SBM-Contract)

StakeBurnMode (SBM-Contract)

The idea is to reward investors in this contract, in order to be able to carry out 2 actions with the same objective, reducing the supply of LUNC and USTC significantly. The Jet!
I kind of diferent governance stake…

Basic Concept: Deflate
Use the 2 ways to deflate the 2 tokens, using the withdrawal from circulation through stake and burning according to the rules below. In practice, in addition to withdrawing from circulation, every 7 days 25% of 100% stake would be burned and 75% subsidized and returned to the investor.

Time Rules: Minimum 7 days
It would also be interesting to make the SMB-continued flag available, so the investor would not need to repeat the process every 7 days if he wants to continue in the program.
When the supply reaches a desirable level, the contract may be terminated without prior notice and the balance returned to the investor in accordance with the bonus rule.

Bonus Rules: 1% APR per day (LUNC and USTC)
100 in 7 days = 100+7%(100%Total Bonus) - (25%BurnRate) = (75%Free Redemption)

100 LUNC 7 days = 100+7% = 107 - 5.25% = Return on Investment
100 LUNC 7 days = 100+7% = 107 - 1.75% = Burn Deposit

Burning Rules: Always on the 7th day of each contract X investor, so we will avoid speculation… because no one will know the date and time, only the investor and the ecosystem. :wink:

However, always alert not to be caught by surprise, in constant surveillance to avoid suspicious movements.


Such a complex theory cannot be put into practice. A simple tax to burn tokens is enough, this is a simple, understandable and most effective solution for increasing the value of a token.

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I understand your point of view, the stake also takes it out of circulation and reduces the investor’s loss…

Note: Stake and Burn same way… The Jet’s!

Try to relax, it’s will pass…


In fact, besides us, the one who needs to burn a little token is CZ, urgent… Otherwise, it will plummet like a meteor :slight_smile: Burn BNB urgent CZ!

Who would be the useless that is derrubando LUNAC to sell? Can anyone help to tell who this unfortunate person is?
I’m going to put a plague on this idiot and he’ll be without his eyes and hands, only the Master will free him from this plague!
Because there are no excuses for people who complain about the USTC peg and LUNAC price in return, helping to bring the price down in the f… even more… they $%#$%$ LUNAC and USTC… a question:

Would they have mental problems or am I wrong?
Especially if they are big investors in LUNAC… it’s ridiculous… a child thing, by the way, there are children who have more sense… than a retard like that… these people should be ashamed. … from yourself…

There are no excuses… we need a reaction from the high dome of Terra-Labs and other partner protocols…
It’s time to join forces in one goal, restore our peg and LUNAC price at least 2USD to help with the bills…
Fundamental to walk and keep growing even stronger. That’s when we know who runs together and who is out of the boat… Everything that happened was excellent, but now it’s reaction!

Do you want to see BTC exploder from today…?
I’ll help you think…

Why is he a reference over the other cryptos…?
There’s nothing big there except the question of having a higher market value… Ex do Dollar, Do you agree? So, why the influence on other currencies, since right here on the blockchain we have things even bigger and better than BTC?
So, if he falls, he loses power over the others…
Either we go up in value or bring down BTC…
I confess, I didn’t see anything extraordinary about this BURRA currency, depending on all bad influence… a true technological pyramid, nothing more, that doesn’t add any value to the financial market… … I prefer LUNAC or LUNA… it doesn’t matter if both come from the same Cosmos :wink: Our Cosmos is excellent! 1000 times better than BTC. We have much, much more to offer than BTC shit…

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If I were to sort by Utility and aggregate Value, I would put them in that order. My option as a Technology Professional and Financial System User since I was 13 years old… I already had a bank account and issuance of checks authorized by my mother… I was already working…

There it goes:

  1. LUNAC/ATOM (No comment, lots of aggregate value and our own coin network, which will restore your glory, including Anchor and Orion)
  2. BNB (This CZ is cheap, too rascal to go unnoticed, it has a lot of aggregate value, both in the brokerage and in the auxiliary applications and include its blockchain… daddy’s trickster :slight_smile: )
  3. ETH (It has a lot of added value, depending on the success of the new architecture it will bring a lot of return…and usefulness
  4. NEAR (It has a lot of value despite not being recognized, I don’t know what it takes to explode the price… it’s very cheap, it should cost about 150USD by the end of the year…
  5. SHIBA (When launch blockchain, currency and exchange, it will explode, also need to reduce Supply)
  6. SOL (needs to improve a lot or it will break… it has its value)

AVAX, DOT, VET, TRX, XRP among others… let’s see what happens…

I’m sure many will wanna “killme” after this comment… no problem, I’m just waking up the dreamers…

BTC is a matter of belief, it has no added value. It’s nothing more than a digital pyramid to fool suckers… It’s worthless and on the brink of collapse…

Come, but one at a time to give time to clean the blood, if they all come at the same time it will be bloodshed… :wink: I’m waiting…

Note: I will sell in the next high to get rid of some positions to invest in real currencies as mentioned above… I’m going to liquidate about 70%… to invest better…

:+1: :+1: :+1:

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One Particular Request to Korean Government!

Please, in the name of Jesus and all those who need a solution here, let him work, let the investigations go on, but let him work… we need him here working hard to help with the recovery of this Gem. He has his merits, deserves a vote of confidence.
Thanks in advance

He’s a good person, he was just naive and headstrong like every young man is. I believe he has been well tested and learned his lesson, he should have a new opportunity. Maybe he learned to listen better after this scare… I’ve been through it younger, whoever hasn’t, throw the first stone!

You don’t need to be very smart… With inflation increasing in the world, the best way to act against it is to deflate our currencies… Think with me, see if this wouldn’t be the best way… Go against hand of dollar inflation deflating our rich coins?
Which translate into a real effort of human lives writing millions of codes and an impeccable infrastructure… with extremely qualified professionals to design solutions… perfect in our eyes!
Study FreeBSD :wink: it seems to be very powerful…
This dollar increase is forced e will further increasing the bubble that is about to burst, and will be even worse with what happened here…
I had already commented that what happened to us was a rehearsal “unfortunately”, with what will happen with the dollar until the end of this year… get ready… It will be the biggest trap of all time, unfortunately too, I say also because we had a live experience here and I’m sure we didn’t like what happened at all…
Let’s turn the page and deflate our currency as soon as possible… especially the USTC…

Let me add more fuel to this fire?

I am freedom lover and I love the word of God and his beloved son. This is my thing and no one has the right to add or take away from what he said!

It is no longer tolerated for people to live under the yoke of idiot rulers who want to control what you can or cannot see, access, have or be. Finished it! Ends Today…!

I call on all Chinese, Russians, North Koreans and every oppressed country to free themselves from these bonds in the name of Jesus!. Is your Right!
This will no longer be tolerated and don’t even try to prevent it, it will be even worse!
Everyone, without exception, is free to have the life they want without depending on dishonest people who only want their interests and conveniences protected… It’s over, get ready politicians, now it’s your turn to ask for forgiveness…

Do you know why?
Because I am the Son of David and Michael’s protection rests upon me!
And if I’m willing to buy this fight, it’s because her time has come… :wink:
I don’t need to leave home to Change the World, Just one Word! Freedom

It seems to me that you will need both kinds of liquidity pools: Stake to earn and stake to burn.

You will also need a cap on max number of classic coins, at least until you can stablize lunac/utsc price.

You will also need to attract investors to lunac/ustc liquidty pools with attractive, but modest %earnings, for 1, 3, 6, and 1 year epochs, AND draw in community members (and holders of pre May 27 coins), into 7 day epochs to burn tokens, as outlined by @Odranoelzerep, using enhanced %burn rates.

As the tokens deflate, price will rise and classic will attract more attention to both short and long term investors.

Hopefully ustc can be repegged (to some number), using external assets like gold/silver, treasury bonds, cash and other paper, just as other non-digital investors are having to do, right now even as we speak, in our current inflationary times!

Maybe lunac could reach .007 as excess tokens are burnt. Why couldn’t ustc repeg to .75 or $1, through these burn/earn LPs using non-inflationary backings? Just fix what’s broke.

The DAO needs to rally with the coins they hold! Could they do it for each other and their community?

:pray: :palms_up_together:

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:wink: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

To close the topic…

The Right to Life was granted by God, The Heavenly Father and guaranteed by His Blessed Word, confirmed by His Beloved Son and our Dear Brother Yeshua!
No idiot and sucker Ruler or whoever it is, has the right assured in the word about our life, for that we have a Holy Book he is our Greatest Guarantee!

God Bless You every…day

Nota em PT:
Agradeça a Deus todos os dias de sua vida, você não sabe quando será o último… Beije todos os dias da sua vida, você não sabe quando será o último… Ou seja, você não sabe de nada… por isso, agradeça, porque você não sabe de nada… Esse é o Mistério Divino, de nada sabermos… Viemos de um espermatozoide e não sabemos explicar como isso acontece :wink: Imagina o resto se desde o início não sabemos nada… Por isso ele Disse: …“Perdoe Pai, eles não sabem o que fazem”…

BTC Definition: Digital Pyramid with Security-Key

ETH Could take advantage of this absurd rate fee and burn some tokens to deflate too… “lost” a little now and gain later…

I understand why most altcoins suffer from the fall of BTC… it’s easy now… it’s because many of them have BTC itself as a reserv of value and portfolio… something to think about …and get rid of this price dependency on him… once and for all…
There are ways in accounting to get rid of it…

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