Starting a new project with France-based devs

Hi all,

I’m a French entrepreneur (building a company not related to cryptos) with a business background and a big fan of Terra. I’m convinced that we’re all going to the moon and I’m thinking about another rocket to go there.

More seriously: I would like to discuss with French developers about building something on Terra. I’d like to launch a project with limited R&D and very high potential and usefulness (think PayWithTerra for example but we can aim bigger).

Anyone who wishes to brainstorm on this?


Hi, I’m not a developer but i also live in France and would like to help in any way I can.

I work in the hospitality sector and know that Terra 's ecosystem would be very beneficial for this industry.
Just one example is to replace Travelers checks most outdated thing ever.

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Hey guys.

I am a French Fullstack developer. Huge fan of Terra since December.

Founded a tech company myself, and actually exploring new opportunities with Terre Ecosystem.

Would love to brainstorm.

Not a dev either but would be happy to help anyway if needed (french too)


Lunatic Here.
French dev working as a telecom engineer.
Would love to take part into a french Terra related project.ébastien-bernaz-43157b145


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Telegram: Contact @TerraLunaFr feel free to come and talk on french chan to share some ideas and meet more interested people.

Hey all,

Saturn Money based in Europe - currently hiring a number of key positions, please feel free to reach out via our website Saturn | Careers or via Telegram Telegram: Contact @akforce.


French dev here also. Interested in any Terra related project :wink:

Hey luigi, may I ask if there is any development on this topic? Thanks!