Spacecamp by Terra Money- How to bring more people into the hackathon!

Hi, guys! I’m looking for ways to promote the hackathon by Terra. I would like everyone to share any idea how we can bring more teams and developers into the SpaceCamp and build projects!

Where can we promote the hackathon?

We need to promote the Spacecamp by Terra via developers communities like GitHub, Reddit dev groups, TG groups, Twitter, Quora,FB,Youtube and any other means, etc.

So far, I posted some ads on developers community like Upwork and Fiverr to gather a team and in same way to participate.

We need someone to post more ads on Reddit dev subreddit or any other developers communities!

Please let us know any other websites where we can promote this event with the help of our community!

Thank you


TG group user: Angle: Crypto is looking for Rust devs, high paying opportunities. Lots of brilliant people to partner with. Build the future.

  • Sites & email lists where they teach Rust. Email the webmaster.

  • SubReddits that talk about Rust, React, TypeScript

  • Crypto twitter/forums/TGs/SubReddits

Also, try framing the message as an answer to their thoughts: “What’s in it for me?”

So when those devs see your message, they can imagine being the ones making their ideas come to life, having a user base, creating and building amazing stuff and getting good money for it.

Or in other words, how can you make them the heroes of the story.

I hate to say it, but you might have to think outside the box. Developers are in high demand. You might have to train them. Make it a game or a race if you have to… best “car” wins. Look at Elon. No one wanted to be chief engineer at Spacex, so he trained himself. He was the chief engineer.

I think telegram developer groups are a good starting place

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