Step by step: Connect to Terra and receive New Moon

I have moons on Binance that I bought before and after the attack.
I would like to know step by step how to connect to Terra, and exchange the old moons for the new ones to receive the compensation.

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It’s not compensation though. Anyway, the steps are very simple.

  1. Download TerraStation- you can use the app linked at Terra - powering the innovation of money under ‘learn’. There’s a phone app too and I use that, but too many people complaining about it looking fake due to no reviews- the reviews are sorted by language so if your language zone people don’t use Terra station much there won’t be visible reviews.
  2. You can generate a wallet in that app. WRITE DOWN THE MNEMONICS. After you do that, on the upper-right corner you will see your wallet ‘address’.
  3. Copy that and send Luna from your Binance to that address. ALWAYS practice with a small amount before sending your entire sum.
  4. Nothing else for now.