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So I was advised to move my coins to a Terra Station wallet which I did. Was There more to it than that? Did it then need to be connected to, say, the Terra Station Desktop platform to have the screen shot taken and Luna 2 coins sent to it? Please someone answer. I am new to this and only ever have had my coins in my spot trading on Binance until now.

I’m on Binance too. Binance is supporting the airdrop, you can read it on their news. They suspended trading of LUNA and UST yesterday in support of the airdrop, so don’t worry. I get airdrops from Binance all the time if you had just left it there. Binance gives you your own unique LUNA wallet. And I’m assuming they’ll have to create a LUNC wallet for us too, tomorrow. I can’t wait to see what happens. This is historical stuff.

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Tried to move balances but trading was halted prior to the notice

I am stuck with crypto.com and am not sure if there is an airdrop for crypto.com or not… The official announcement does not mention the crypto.com exchange


I already sent to a Terra Station Wallet but that is all I did. Were there other steps i need to take to ensure the screenshot and to receive the airdrop? Did it need to be connected to the Terra Station App…i don’t even know if that makes sense…:woman_facepalming:

Nothing else required at this time

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Thank you for this link but it seems like they have not started Airdropping as yet