Terra station wallet compromised


my wallet was somehow compromised… I lost approx 1mil of LUNC… I transferred all other airdrop assets except vested ones.

Is there any way that I could transfer those to another terra wallet? Or can I somehow regenerate the seed phrase?

Tnx in advance

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Nope you can’t before redelegation.

Is there anything we can do to get our coins back?

Which coins?

Lunc that has been hacked and taken

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Nope, if it’s hacked then you can’t get it. It’s not in our hands.

hello i sent luna from terra station to exchange adress but after transaction i see another adress!!!I lost all my luna!May somebody help me what is wrong with terra station because i could not make transaction 5 times (was some error) after i see that adress receipt another

I am not sure I understand your issue.
You have sent your fund to an exchange. Your wallet at that exchange should be credited (it could take some time).

i pasted exchange adress wich i know when i make transaction- i see different adress where i sent(i have never seen before this adress where is my luna) As i said i tried to sent 5 times and it was error transaction!!! I made transaction more than 3 days ago when was listing luna!! I can provide adress where i had my luna and you will see

Please share your address. I am still not sure I understand what you mean.


As i see support totally ignore my request,i provided my adress and explained all problem what happened!!!

You said you have send to an exchange address but have you pasted memo while trying to send to an exchange?

І always send from terra station without any problem

First off, there is, no support, this is defi. Make a mental note of this because it will save you from being scammed in future. I have a feeling you have already been scammed, perhaps by a fake terra station website that made you put your seed phrase into it, if the transaction to another wallet was not done by you.

i always use one terra station on one browser and if i were scammed by fake terra adress i will lost not only luna on my wallet,also i asked you for help in telegram but was ignored

How can they allow scammers to keep on posting fake “Terra v2.0 swapping is now live!” announcements under Governance/Deposit? Once you click on one of these links, a popup window will ask you to insert your seed phrase and then all of your coins will be drained and sent to the thief’s wallet such as this one, terra1a2t22y8hxqqvksxvtam9ymukgze0e3hhuunly5. There are currently 3,616.117246 stolen new Luna coins sitting in this account. The people higher up in the command chain need to do something about it!!! Freeze these accounts and return the coins back to their rightful owners!!!

If you see any spam message like this, please do send to any of the Admins out there. We will block that user.

Our Telegram DMs are overflowing. At the moment there are 700 in my inbox. I can’t possibly get through them. This is why my profile links the agora, where multiple volunteers are able to help.

I’m still not sure what your issue is. In any case, unfortunately blockchain transactions cannot be reversed. If I were you, I would still check my browser history so see if you accessed a fake website, like the one below. If you did, and put your seed phrase into it, that is why your tokens are gone, and your wallet is compromised.

If this is the case, the remaining vested tokens may be able to be saved in 6 months’ time, we have a couple of moderators who can implement codes/scripts to stop scammers from withdrawing them once they are unlocked.

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