Original terra wallet compromised and all funds stolen

SummaryFell victim to and lost all my luna and UST. Invested approx $100K UST and $5K Luna preattack and post attack until today. Had to close my terra wallet and Anchor so they wouldnt receive my airdrops. Opened a new Terra wallet and Anchor account. Is there any way i can receive the compensation in my new wallet. I have snapshots of my original holdings preattack and post attack before they were stolen.

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Same here! I have been ripped off by an imposter Luna support on twitter (terra_money_01)! I lost my entire Terra station Wallet (150K)! Now I lost everything and sure ass hell never going to get airdropped…

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There is no way to fully close out a Terra address, just to remove all assets from it. If the attacker has the seed phrase then they will still have access and will likely try to claim the airdrop as well. You could try to withdraw the airdrop to another address before them, but if they are using a bot it would be hard to beat.

Thank you for your response. It is most appreciated! Will the attacker also need my password besides my seed phrase? I don’t think he has my password.

You’re welcome! The password is only used to access from the specific device it was added to. The seed phrase is all anyone needs to control the address and sign transactions.

Is there any way to block the attacker?

No, we are in a decentralized world, no action can be taken.

If you follow the attacker’s transaction, he may make a mistake by sending the funds to a KYC exchange. From there you could reach your local police and contact the exchange.

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My account was compromiized also I have the coins staked and I need transfer them I been trying get in contact with someone to allocate them to new wallet what do I do who do I contact

There is no way to do this, unfortunately :frowning:

What do I do then I just lost everything.