Terra 3.0 —— A Bold idea

  1. Stop lunc/ustc transaction tax,
    (The market proves that any burning token will slowly reduce liquidity. Even if this destroys some tokens, it will be poisonous to the entire ecology in the long run. Most people put tokens on the exchange to avoid transaction tax, But in fact, it is convenient for the dealer to manipulate the market…)
  2. Abandon the terraclassic ecology, merge lunc and luna tokens, and migrate them to terra2.0 according to a certain proportion. Terraclassic only leaves ustc as the main token, and forces the merger of the two public chain funds to attract liquidity
  3. The original terra classic is transformed into a stable currency application public chain, we can build it into a parallel chain connected to terra2.0, (I don’t know if this is technically feasible, but it may have huge room for expansion) and restore Once the anchoring mechanism,
    But here is not necessarily anchored :heavy_dollar_sign:, such as: bnb, doge, btc (the premise is to attract funds to destroy a part of ustc (this is the most important restart step) we can attract people from all over the world to finance on the Internet, even if he only has 1 :heavy_dollar_sign:, this is similar to a private placement)
  4. The prototype of terra3.0 was born

The above is my idea, it may not be perfect, but I believe this idea can bring some ideas to the community!

But another scammer has appeared who dreams of destroying LUNC.

Not first give my ust fund and other i dont care terra 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 real sc_am

1, With 6 trillion coins unless we burn this coin is never going much above the price it is at now. And most people put coins on an exchange because it is easy and self-custodial wallets can be stressful for many. They don’t do it because they want to avoid the tax.
2. Do Kwon abandoned LUNC last time things got difficult. There is no reason to believe he wouldn’t do the same thing if tough times happened again.
3. Not seeing why people would invest.
4. No thank you.

The transaction tax will prevent top10 traders from trading at will, and retail investors will not continue to buy. Liquidity crisis will destroy terra classic!
In 2022, it is believed that most crypto traders will not use cold wallets and deposit large amounts in exchanges, which will make it easier for giant whales to manipulate the market. FTX is an example, all exchanges do this!
I’m calling for the transaction tax to stop, and while it does break some tokens in the short term, please community members look long term, dapps and developers will leave terra classic because the cost of this broken chain is too high!
If this continues, I believe that most lunc/ustc will be in the hands of community members, and he will become a stand-alone currency. Whenever new people join in to buy, they will sell it! Like a doctor trying to save you, but you say go away! This is another death spiral!