[Terra Bridge Error Report]

[Terra Bridge Error Report]

3 days ago, I sent about 495,950 LUNA from Osmosis to Terra Wallet.
※ at that time, Terra Bridge Service was enabled. (Osmosis → Terra)

osmosis-1 Txid :

my Terra Station Wallet address :

now LUNA in Osmosis is ZERO, but it doesn’t arrive at Terra Station Wallet. When can i get my LUNA?

Visual Proof (screenshots, videos, text)

I am having a similar issue. I just sent luna through terra bridge to bsc and it has been 4 hours and I have not received my Luna. I did the same with UST and I have my UST.

My tx hash is as follows:
Sent the luna to my metamask. It shows success for the transaction, but does not appear in my metamask

it is in your wallet, maybe you need to add a corresponding token to your metamask?
it is 0xECCF35F941Ab67FfcAA9A1265C2fF88865caA005 for wrapped luna

Strange, because I add this token and it is correct with the correct amount. but has 0 value on any of the DEXes. Is this because I used shuttle instead of Wormhole?

it may be liquidity issue, luna never had good liquidity on bsc, perhaps now it’s also the case.
on pancakeswap when swapping 1000 luna to bnb it already shows 72% price impact.

but for wormhole luna it looks way better, you are right.
so you might want to bridge it back to terra and again to bsc but as wormhole luna.

Transactions aren’t completing with wormhole for me, only shuttle. I did, however, think of swapping to UST on the terra chain and then over to bsc and then swap back to LUNA and that works for some odd reason. But yea, wormhole isn’t completing transactions for me at least. It gets to the point where i enter my terra station password and then does not progress.

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this issue is solved. my LUNA came back to Osmosis.
Thank you very much! (toward all staffs)