Terra bridge lost tokens,

Summary Used the terra bridge to send Lunc to my MetaMask Luna address, the transaction didn’t go to MetaMask but a large wallet in the terra station. How do I retrieve my tokens for MetaMask?

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If you used the wormhole option, you may need to manually redeem them on portalbridge.com.

Note, all, private messages are scams. Do not connect your wallet anywhere else.

Tried the portal bridge, entered my wallet and it sent the tokens to the wormhole address, not my wallet. Never entered an address just wallet and it sent it to the wormhole address

That is how it starts, yes. Then normally it will wrap the tokens and send them on to your wallet. Sometimes the last step of the process isn’t done automatically, which is why I suggested checking if it had been completed on portalbridge.com

How do you retrieve them from portal bridge

I don’t have a photographic memory but try connecting both your wallets to the bridge, or there might be a box to input a transaction ID in the redeem stage

He has to connect the destination wallet to the redeem tab and claim his token.