Terra Ecosystem Revival Plan 2 Amendment Proposal

Redistribute Luna V2 to holders before halt on 5/12 based on circulating supply at the time to ensure they receive a fair share of tokens.

The current Terra Ecosystem Revival Plan 2 needs a major amendment. The people who bought in 5/12 purchased the token when the market cap was a few billion. They did not make purchases in the sub-penny land, but still when when it was valued at $0.01 - $0.30. This is about 3 orders of magnitude higher price than the current price of $0.00011 and the supply as shown below was 3 orders of magnitude lower at a few billion. The current supply is 6.5 trillion. Numerically, this represents an increase in circulating supply at the two price points which amounts to about 446,865%. Without an amendment grouping the people who bought on 5/12 (few billion supply) and people who purchasing today (6.5 trillion supply) are orders of magnitude. The people who bought on 5/12 will find their return in the distribution practically zero Luna V2. This would be a group of millions of participants in the market who get demolished. This must be addressed via the following amendment to the proposal. Below are the metrics that support this proposal with the intent to take a data driven approach in an attempt to quantify this large disparity in distribution.

For those people who purchased on 5/12 instead of using the Total LUNA Supply = 6.5 Trillion use the appropriate circulating supply shown in the image above on 5/12 of 1.461 Billion. This will directly address the orders of magnitude disparity in amounts invested here. People who bought a 1,000,000 tokens on 5/12 when the circulation supply was only 1.461 billion should NOT be categorized in the same group as people people who are purchasing 1,000,000 tokens. The former would have spent anywhere from $20,000-$60000 on this purchase while the later can now purchase these tokens for $110.

  • For the 10% Post-attack holder adjust the distribution based on time and recalculate the distribution as follows:

  • Luna V2 Post Attack Distribution [5/12] = 10% x Total LUNA Supply x (Total LUNA owned by Exchange post-attack ON 5/12) / (Total LUNA supply post-attack ON 5/12)

  • The same logic should apply to 5/13 as well when the circulating supply was still 169.59 billion tokens which is at least an order of magnitude lower than current circulating supply.

  • Please address this disparity via an amendment to your proposal: Terra Ecosystem Revival Plan 2 - Amendment 2 and help the people who bought on these dates obtain an appropriate stake in Luna V2.

  • In order to main the percentages other percentages could adjust in the overall distribution. This weighting scheme is necessary.


In this luna debacle many of us choose to believe that the luna team can save the project I used up almost all my assets between the 9th and the 12th but on the 13th it was worth 0 I have no money to support luna anymore even though It’s over we agreed to fork but the new distribution is asking us to compete with the 6.5T I’m confused I hope the team values ​​us thanks


Yes we have not bought when supply is in trillions, we have bought when it was in million and billions so we should get according to that.

Why do kwon changed his proposal, he covered us in the first and then kicked us out in the last.

He was tweeting

All this. So people who believed there’s a recovery plan and it would be okay just getting rekt.

People who bought during those times stand together and claim your rights.


Yes I support this proposal.


Этот парень должен выкупить и сжечь LUNA до 169 милиарда, потом также делать сжигание .
Чтоб люди вернули свои деньги.
Ненужно LUNAv2…
Он даже не говорит какая будет стоимость LUNAv2, и если люди будут менят старую LUNA на новою LUNAv2,так почему не сжигать старую LUNA чтоб уменьшить количество .


I strongly agree and support this.


I agree we should stop the process and restart the voting procedure all over. This amendment MUST be added in.


Yes people who bought till the last halt should be counted in in the final proposal.


I fully agree. I bought it on 12.05.2022 guided by DK who spoke on Twitter to buy, that Luna would recover.

I used all my life savings.

On the 14.05.2022 Luna had an offer of 6.5 TRI.

Those who bought after 05.14.2022 bought at today’s price, they had no losses. They even made big gains.

It doesn’t make our money airdrops donated to those who didn’t have damage. And our recovery of the money will be none.

The last snapshot should be on 13.05.2022. Before the last stop.


This should be considered by Kwon


Adding feedback from the community relevant to this proposal.


sub-penny land is where Do should’ve set a wall and forced sales into bids and burned the supply tbh. It would’ve cost ~$6.5M total to absorb all 6.5T tokens to burn.


Pushing this


This is a must to go with 3 snapshot model (including snapshop during the attack and before hault).


Bumping this, I’m not sure how it should be done in the details, but leaving people who bought before the network was halted with absolutely nothing is criminal.


They seem not to care about us, it’s so sad to see!


Strongly agree and support this


I saw a chart somewhere that showed that before the network was halted it was when there was the biggest buy, so all those people who have buy at $15, $1 or even $0.1 have lost everything (I mean everything) but yet those are the one who won’t get anything but peanuts.


Sorry but I fail to see why you guys deserve special treatment. Larger allocations need to go to pre de-peg luna holders. Not the ignorant vultures who came in near the end to make a quick buck, when Luna was already in a death spiral. You guys are included in the current plan already.

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Pre-depeg already has its fair allocation in Do Kwon’s plan, that’s not the question. You are right to point about people who tried their luck when the network was d*ing, but that’s not what we talk about, we talk about people who bought after the troubles started, when there was 0 info anywhere about the supply growing afterward to 6.5 trillions of coin, it is just sickening.