Terraport news based on the hack

This is from their Telegram they post it !

Terraport v1.0 is suspended pending investigations and the recovery of stolen funds. A complaint has been filed. We are in direct contact with Binance and Kucoin, we share with them all the data relating to the wallets that participated in the attack and those created subsequently and all the movements made by them. We would like to emphasize that the attack is not carried out by insiders. All official communications will go through this group and the Terraport and TerraCVita Twitter accounts. Thank you for your patience.

Also keep in mind if you following twitters news .It was found that was an inside job and they found the wallets and the one who was transfering the money to MEXC !

Please don’t create a new post each time you need to provide information about a topic which is already being discussed in another post. Please go and comment on that post rather than creating new posts. This is hogging up the space for other topics. And calm down bro. You are very agitated about something I dunno what. You wanna see this moon. I get it. But calm the fck down.

what do you mean ? this topic is fresh fresh fresh nobody post it before i do ?
the info went out on telegram on teraport 1 min before i post it here !