Terrastation Wallet reward withdrawal

Hi. I can not withdraw my staking rewards. It says that I havnt balance to pay fee.

What can I do?

Next Q is is tweeter account @TerraStation Support real support account or scamm?


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terra station support is a scammer, there is no terra station support.
you need to have lunc in your wallet to pay the staking reward withdrawal transaction fee.

Thanks. Should I do something to avoid consequences if I talk to him?

You can pay with USTC or Lunc or KRTC if you have those coins in your wallet.

If you have other coins in your wallet you could try swapping them for Lunc or USTC

If you have a friend who can send you some coins or you gotta buy more.

Best to always leave some coins approx 50 lunc in your acc at all times after you delegate.

no, unless you typed in your seed phrase on some website he gave you.
if that happened - treat your wallet as compromised and withdraw all funds to a new wallet as fast as possible.
seed phrase grants full access to your awallet.

I have him only my wallet address nothing more. I know that I can’t give my phrase.

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Thank you. I will send something to it.


Hier j’ai retiré la délégation de mes LUNC à un validateur par erreur et j’ai voulu lui redéléguer mes LUNC.
Malheureusement quand j’ai voulu redéléguer, je n’ai pas pu délégué la totalité de mes LUNC , mais seulement une ridicule petite partie.
Pouvez vous me dire comment faire pour réparer cette erreur.
Merci beaucoup.