Tether Bridge problem: sent aUST to Metamask, went to different wallet

I used Terra Bridge to send aUST from my Terra wallet to my Metamask wallet, and verified that the memo address was correct, however, the funds went to this address instead:‘terra13yxhrk08qvdf5zdc9ss5mwsg5sf7zva9xrgwgc’


Is there a way to retrieve my UST, and why would it have gone to that address rather than my wallet? I’ve imported the UST token to my Metamask wallet, but the funds obviously still went to the other address.

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It seems that your aUST has already transferred into your ETH address.

The process seems like this:
(1) You send your fund to the bridge contract on Terra
(2) After receiving your fund, another contract address on the ETH network will create a transaction to send you the tokens to your ETH address. If the memo is correct and the bridge contract on Terra is correct, your fund should be fine.

Thank you - I had to add the wrapped aUST token to my Metamask account

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