UST transfer using terra bridge shuttle hasn’t arrived


I made yesterday a transfer from my terra station UST wallet to Coinbase ust wallet using Terra Bridge shuttle.
After almost 12 hours hasn’t arrived yet. I used ‘shuttle’ as Terra bridge suggested not to use wormhole.
The tx hash is

It looks line the tx went through and UST is stiing on this wallet:

Also looks like the memo is the actual wallet where I want to send the funds. Is that how Shuttle works???

Anyway it never got transferred to my coinbase wallet.

Can you please help?

Im desperate.

Many thanks

On coinbase, you have send to Erc20 network?

Yes I did.

Please provide with your coinbase wallet address

Thanks. Coinbase UST wallet address is:


That’s a different address than the one in your memo - this is the address you put in 0xa693B19d2931d498c5B318dF961919BB4aee87a5… which looks the token contract address for wormhole UST :confused:

I really don’t understand what happened to be honest. I’m completely sure that I chose ‘shuttle’ on terra bridge to transfer the funds. Selected ERC20 and the recipient address was my coinbase UST wallet address.
Is there any way I can get the UST back?

Yes, you chose shuttle, but the address you put in as the destination address was the wormhole UST token address (which you can copy on the bridge page as seen below). No-one has control of the smart contract address so it is gone unfortunately.

Thanks for your reply. Excuse my ignorance, but no one has the power to send it back to me?
Anyone I can contact? can’t believe once funds are on that address they are lost forever?

Nope no one can return it back as it’s locked into the official UST contract address.

How do I know that it was sent to the UST contract address? The tx just shows it got sent to another terra wallet.

With bridge transactions, the address in the memo of the transaction is the address you choose to bridge the new wrapped tokens to.

But, there must a tx the reflects that right?
Many thanks

Yes, what happens is your native UST gets sent to the burn address, and the bridge contract mints the wrapped version for you and sends it to the address you specify

hey, here is the corresponding transaction on the other side that deposited your ust according to your memo (to the wormhole ust smart contract address) - Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan