THE LIST - Available Assets held by Terra and LFG

We don’t have a clear list of what is still left in capital. Let this post be a list that can be updated to show what’s still left that can be used to refund individuals and burn to reduce supplies where needed.

It’s not clear how much is left of the BTC and UST used from reserves to keep the UST peg. They may have lost or gained on that depending on how it was traded. I’m adding addresses I believe would belong to Terra and not individual users. If someone with a better understanding of blockchain forensics could add to this list and find anything on the bitcoin and UST reserves the team had and where they ended up that would be great to add to here as well.

Known TFL holdings

Address 1:

LFG Reserves not including anything they have out in the market which was at least 1.5 billion deployed.

LFG Bitcoin Holdings

Bitcoin Addresses of interest:


valuable, +vote

these are not terra holdings, those are bridge smart contracts
1 - wormhole
2 - bsc bridge
3 - polygon

that’s a known tfl holdings wallet - Terra Finder

Thanks i’ll update as people add info.

I’m sure they still have some funds on the market making accounts in the exchanges

From the official LFG twitter account

that’s it…

This doesn’t take into account all the UST and Bitcoin they have out currently.

They should habeover those 77 millions immediately to CZ and start doing a plan