No more BTC LEFT

So they just anounced that they have 313 BTC LEFT…what now?

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to 0.000000000000000001, oh

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Where did you here this?

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how accurate is this? can the information be trusted??

I go check on Twitter of LFG. Note that I don’t see the tick verified sign but the activity does match something LFG would do. I screenshot the post and paste here for your convenient.

As the OP claim 313 BTC left does not match what the tweet claim. This should be in wallet. If they’d show their on-chain asset holding, there will be no doubt. I’m sure as heck they did not sell the BTCs because that’d certainly go according to keikaku for those who attacked UST.


expect the unexpected


I don’t know but I still belive we gonna get something in return!


Simply Unreal…

They have transferred their assets from BTC to UST ($1,847,079,725). Why not liquidate the UST and initiate the major burn. At the current price of $0.00019 with the UST balance they have they would be able burn all the excess supply (theoretically) and then some.

well boys its all over. nothing is left. These guys smoke screened so that the big players could get their asses out, and even after that thought of how to give them even more. simply disgusting


Smart. That’s how you exit a pоnzi without leaving clear traces.

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At least Do Kwon is still a multi-multi millionaire. A nice little s/cam.

The price dropping in kucoin