The Preservation of Truth

Compression allows us to store more in less space - that enables us to store most everything everywhere… Operating Systems may always be centralized - that doesn’t mean the information has to be…

Let’s keep the information disseminated (using centralized OS’s) to prevent manipulation/suppression of it through the instant spreading of it to all connected to that centralOS (ex: Terra Station).

To confirm the information at different nodes and match node accuracies to find truths - an open and free communication system (bot-free) must be established - perhaps on the Terra Station. We should consider adding that social media style feature to our station.

Ultimately, we depend on the coders of that station - no matter who they are - to spread out the true information coming into the centerOS and enable us all (Terra Users) to verify those truths (through community activity) to know the truths and build stability for all and wealth for those who play the staking & trading right. If the coding is unfair, the environment will be unstable - a lose for everyone (including the benefitting scammers).

For Terra New & Classic to succeed, we need coders who are loyal to the governance and we need a community of holders loyal to the dissemination of truth and guiding that governance the coders solely serve.

We rely on each other to stabilize the reality we all share. The more of us there are, the more comparing of nodes can happen and that increases the chance of us finding the truths that create stability. When there is more of us - there are also more good-governance proposals… Infinite positive growth around a stable core… So natural.