needs community assistance preserving evidence

“Governance” requires adequate record-keeping.

I request community assistance documenting the Terra hardfork, and preserving all relevant evidence.

My companion project most urgently needs vote information for Prop. 1623, as described below.

On 2022-05-25 and 2022-05-26, I wasted too much of my time trying to find the final vote data. I’m new to the Terra chain, and the API is poorly documented. I will not waste space here showing everything that I tried. I did easily obtain the final tallies, but not the breakdown of who voted for what.

@AtoZ, whenever you link to a webpage on Terra’s centralized infrastructure, you like to say that “it’s on the blockchain”—as if “blockchain” were a magic buzzword that guarantees validity—as if you are unaware that the purpose of the blockchain is to distrust everything that cannot be verified using strong cryptography. (The ridicule you unjustifiably heap on people who don’t blindly trust Terra is also itself a red flag—plus an indication that you don’t understand that “blockchain” is supposed to mean “trustlessness”. Are you new to “blockchain”?) I’m a bridge user new to the Terra chain, and I lack prior experience with Cosmos chains. Please advise where I can obtain the data that I believe should be in the empty votes array:

  "votes": [
  "pagination": {
    "next_key": null,
    "total": "0"

Besides that, my most urgent request is the general preservation of evidence.

Honest parties with running Terra nodes should make sure that they do not prune the blockchain data from the past few weeks. And please send me the information requested on the above-linked sites. For initial preservation of evidentiary integrity, it will only take you a few minutes to PGP-sign some blockhashes, timestamp your attestation, and email it to me.

Why don’t I have my own node?

About a week and a half ago, I considered spinning up my own node. Because that’s how I think: Decentralized. Blockchain.

“Blockchain” does not mean linking to webpages on Terra’s centrally controlled infrastructure, as the Terra forum moderators seem to believe whenever they say, “It’s on the blockchain!” It means running your own node.

I was deterred from starting my own node, because new stake was disallowed. Nodes have costs. After I was financially wrecked by the Terra BTC sell-off, every dollar is precious to me; I winced when I bought the above-linked domain names. Right now, I honestly cannot afford to run a node for a network that has lost my trust, with no expectation of breaking even on the node cost. (Never mind profit.)

Moreover, with what I have seen transpire, I am reasonably wary of running Terra’s code on my systems. Terra, its principals, and its agents have been openly performing a massive, malicious swindle of UST holders and new LUNA buyers. Run their executable code without a thorough audit? That would be lunacy!

I didn’t mention that before, because “I’m thinking about running a node, maybe—eh, no” is cheap talk. Mere noise that does not add to the discussion.

I explain it now, for the following reasons:

  1. To highlight what type of new user Terra has irreconcilably alienated: An active enthusiast who believes in running nodes. Someone who is passionate about decentralization. Anyone with a real “blockchain” mindset will be horrified and outraged at what Terra has done here.

  2. To explain why I must now solicit community help with preserving the data I don’t have, and cannot reasonably obtain for myself at this time.

  3. To emphasize that linking to pages on Terra’s centralized infrastructure is not an adequate answer. It is a starting answer to some questions, but not the full answer.