Thoughts of LUNA

I’m a holder who bought after LUNA reopened trading (I bought it at 0.00014 and kept a small portion after already earning 3x)

Here are my thoughts (by the way, I’m not a native English speaker, so please forgive me if the grammar or wording may be inaccurate)

1/ Holders before the decoupling event, although aware of the risk, are different from those who recognize the risk after the decoupling event.
2/ After restarting the LUNA transaction, the purchasers have already realized that there is a great risk that LUNA may return to zero. Compared with the previous traders, it is not so worthwhile to protect.

3/ If the community’s idea is to destroy LUNA, it may be possible to consider increasing the transaction tax to reduce the total amount of LUNA, but it is inevitable that the transaction volume will be greatly reduced, and it is difficult for the transaction tax alone to complete the reduction of the total amount of LUNA.

4/ For holders who have restarted the LUNA transaction, they should destroy the LUNA in exchange for the airdrop of new LUNA, such as issuing NFT for the restarted traders to buy in exchange for the new LUNA, otherwise they can only hold LUNA Classic.
Most of the LUNA classics that buy NFTs should be burned.
5/ Set up a transaction period. If the total number of LUNA can be reduced to less than 1T, then there is no need for forking, and those who buy NFT can get a lottery chance, and those who do not win can get a basic prize (such as 1USDT)

6/ In this case, it is not unfair that the purchaser after restarting the transaction can assist in destroying LUNA classics or exchange for new LUNA by purchasing NFT.

7/ By allowing holders to purchase NFTs, it can not only increase the income of TERRA, but also effectively help increase the number of LUNA classics destroyed. Even if LUNA Classic still fails in the end, buyers who restart the transaction can choose the opportunity to buy NFT in exchange for a new LUNA airdrop.
At the same time, this method allows the transaction tax strategy to maintain a certain transaction volume.
Through the two-way burning method, the possibility of reducing the total amount of LUNA is increased.

A small part of the 8/NFT income can be used to help restore UST holders. Even if the plan to burn LUNA classics fails, they can return to the original TERRA2.0 plan.
No matter which aspect of the holder can be guaranteed.

9/ Before executing the burning plan, directly executing the fork will obviously greatly reduce people’s trust in TERRA. However, even if the burning through TERRA fails, they can show their determination to restore LUNA.

10/ If the holders after LUNA restart the transaction are unwilling to buy NFT to help burn LUNA, the LUNA classics they originally held will not be destroyed, everything is their own choice.

11/Lotto execution direction:
LFG currently has more than 300 BTC, as long as 50-100 of them are used to execute lotto and NFT projects, it should be enough.
And if a sufficient number of LUNA classics are not burned in the end, although NFT holders cannot get the lottery, they can at least receive airdrops.