New Lunatic: is it the wrong moment to transfer my assets on-chain?

I am writing here, since the Discord channel is closed to new users, and the General forum is saturated with more pressing issues.

What do you advice to those #lunatics that have purchased their coins on external exchanges but they have not transferred them yet on-chain?

  1. Am I allowed to open a new account and bridge my assets here from Binance? Do you advice against it?
  2. Will I lose those assets, in case a Fork is set in place to a block before my transfer on-chain?
  3. Shall I keep my assets on Binance for a little longer and wait for the community to reach an agreement on how to proceed?
  4. Will shareholders on Binance/or other exchanges be also taken in account in case any form of compensation to old supporters is agreed?

I hope somebody from the developer side can spend a few lines to help me find the best way to proceed. I understand you have bigger concerns at the moment, but your insight and experience can be previous to avoid loyal supporters to hurt themselves even more.

Thanks in advance!
I bet I am not the only one of your newly acquired supporter that feels even more lost in this moments of general confusion. We would also like to be part of the re-building of the “new Terra”, that’s why we stayed! :muscle:t2::earth_americas::rocket:

I have purchased all of my assets thorough Binance, 75% of which before the 8th of May. I was planning to transfer them on-chain later in time, but latest events convinced me I would like to join you since the beginning of “phase 2”.

I bought as many UST as possible during the first de-peg wave in the hope to make my part to bring the UST back to 1$. Similarly, I did no sell any, even if I knew there was a high risk to lose my money. I have invested into you because I believe in your project and the quality of your algorithm, and I don’t see this crash as much more than a set-back (a very unexpected, dramatic and painful one, but I am still confident the blockchain will recover).
Am I welcome to bridge on-chain, of will that only add salt to the open wound?


Nobody knows the answer. There isn’t a plan yet. Only insane (most of them) proposals.

Regardless of the plan, from a TECHNICAL perspective, what would happen in case of a hard fork to the money that were transferred to the chain after the last block of the fork?
Will they still exist for the NEW blockchain and therefore can be transferred from Binance (or others) to the new blockchain?
To my understanding, this should be the case, because the transaction that bridged them from the Exchange simply won’t exist in the new blockchain. But I would like to have confirmation of this from who have “lived” a hard fork before.

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same question!

Yes same question all of my UST is on Kraken exchange and was held by a custodial account with Stablegains prior to the crash.

the fact that nobody answering this question , is pissing me off

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i have my luna/usdt in kucoin what should i do?

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All my Luna is on and safe to say I have no idea what I’m meant to be doing :joy:


i suggest you move it to either binance or kucoin , after did that weird shit never messing with them.

What did do? I’ve been using them for years with little issues ?

same here, i have 40K ust on binance, bybit ans other exchange, what should we do TERRA TEAM?

سلام من لونا خرید ضرر کردم الان هیچ ضرری دریافت نکردم چی میشه

برای دریافت ضرر باید به کجا مراجع کنیم

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