Update Smart Contracting Platform

Dear Fellows,

As you all know Terra Classic is a smart contracting platform. Smart Contracts on Terra Classic can be written in the Rust programming language using the CosmWasm framework.

The current CosmWasm version that the Terra Classic platform uses is v0.16. However, the most recent version of CosmWasm is v1.1

As TFL has abandoned the project, there have been no updates of underlying external software modules. Modules that are continually updated. If the Tera Classic community does not react, it will eventually get left behind in the Cosmos ecosystem.

This is why I started updating the CosmWasm version on TFL software repos on GitHub. However, TFL software maintainers are not reacting to my pull requests and issues:

I must admit that software updates are not something that absolutely excites the community like for example a tax burn proposal. But I have the feeling that this is something that is immanent.

How should we as a community react to this inactivity from TFL? Should we maintain our own repositories? Do we need on-chain text proposals for software upgrades? Any ideas?

Looking forward to your answers and ideas.


Agree that this needs to be done although not the most exciting stuff. Anyone from TR able to perform preliminary reviews to help bring TFL’s attention?

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Sorry, what does TR stand for?

Terra Rebels. I believe there are various efforts happening in this space. Someone like @ek826 possibly could help clarify what is the best way to get this done.

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I’m certain most people holding LunC myself included, have no idea what you’re talking about lol

I directly messaged @ek826. He does not respond. I think it’s hopeless to remain on the track. I might just simply give up and close the pull requests and issues.

Please try the dev channel on the TR Discord. @ek826 understandably could be very busy atm. Thank you.

As I understood the TR Discord has been recently hacked, maybe could we create a new one if not already done ?

@fragwuerdig is in touch with the devs. So all good.

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@ek826 actually replied to me in the Discord. Maybe he is simply not checking the Research Forum. We will see how it goes. Thank you,

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Great work and thank you for the determination! Every task completed in the ecosystem adds to the eventual success of LUNC.

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