Is Terra doing anything to try and bring in more developers?

As someone who has never programmed before and is attempting to learn Rust to hopefully become a dev to build on Terra, I have realized that while Terra does have some videos up on their website to try and guide both people who have programmed before and people who haven’t, they aren’t the easiest/ most noob friendly in terms of actually learning the language and how to actually built Smart Contracts. Now while I am attempt to learn the language through other means such as youtube videos, The Rust Book, and programs such as rustlings, this still doesn’t help in the aspect of how to actually build Smart contracts with the language.

So I was just wondering if TFL had any plans to try and onboard people who are not familiar with rust/building smart contracts by either have live tutorials on how to do so, or just upload more videos in general on the topic.

Something like this would be super helpful, not sure if TFL and Delphi actually went through with this, but if they did, doing it again would most likely help the lack of Rust Devs on the Terra Ecosystem.

Here it’s a post related with your question I made some months ago :slight_smile:

I saw this post, I was curious if anything had happened after posting it. Did TFL make any changes or try to add more ways to bring developers to the ecosystem?

This is currently my job at TFL, working to make onboarding of new developers much easier. There is talks of a bootcamp, but also more integrated learning environments to go at your own pace. Always happy to chat to anyone who has ideas on this!

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Hi, I have a lot of ideas and posted some of them on the forum. Can you please contact me so I can share some of them? Thank you

There it’s some possibility to publish the terra courses- Terra academy on Udemy and other websites for learning blockchain? Any idea how to get the terra course on Ivan on tech academy? There are a lot of students and people interested to taking these courses.
What are those “integrated learning environments”? can you share more details or links? Also, any plans how we can convert the already developers on ETH to Terra?

Thank you


How are things coming along? I’m very curious to see how y’all are doing as well as hearing more details about the boot camp/ self paced learning as that’s something I would be very interested it.