V2 Insiders work with LUNC- Burn any of the 6.5T minted

This is a very simple question and proposal.

To: Do and the rest of the team of developers, validators, TFL, and LFG.

If there is any of the 6.5T LUNC that was minted and in your wallets or wallets you control, this should be burned to be fair to the folks attempting to resurrect LUNC. If all was sold on the exchanges, then that can be figured out.

And I do not mean anything you purchased, but anything that was minted as a result of the crash only.

You all have created V2 and moving on and we wish you well, but let us work on LUNC and we can all grow together, but in a more decentralized governance design.

And please respond or discuss with some of us that desire a rebirth on LUNC. @Deathstar_Daddy @Muscularman


Binance is the exchange with the highest volume. There were billions on this exchange before the LUNA value dropped to near zero and its selling stopped. When the sale opened again, there were trillions of LUNA entries from outside. This means: trillions of LUNAs were produced by few people on a small exchange.

These trillions of lunas are slowly being dispersed in the hands of very few people. I think Do Kwon and the validators know who has it. If you think logically, trillions of LUNAs are either “attackers” or themselves.

They haven’t done anything about LUNC for weeks, they don’t even have an explanation. They’re definitely in trouble, hiding something.


lunc, governs binance. Before listing on binance, lunc was free swimming. Now, the whole course leads to how it is beneficial to the master cz.

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Burning is not a issue right now. Total supply has been going down and that’s all that matters. You might not like the current speed of burning, but what truly matter is adoption. If we can bring trust back into LUNC then there will be mass adoption again, with adoption then a higher burn rate can be easily achieved.
The real problem right now is the radio silence from DK, LFG, validators and devs on what they plan to do exactly with LUNC. They disabled staking without community approval and right now they took control of governance with less than 0.005% LUNC token vs. total supply.
Without clear plans and actions on moving forward, DK and LFG are literally choking LUNC to death. If that’s plan from day 1 (since the creation of V2), then can DK at least be honest and make it clear to investors around the world? Everyone should sell at market price ASAP all of their investments in V1 and perhaps V2 also because no way people like DK will succeed in the long run. This is NOT how you treat investors.