Where did the 6,5t Lunc tokens go?


Just where did these tokens go that pulled down the price?

To exchanges?
To validators?

My thoughts are if they hyper-inflated away wealth due to an error in coding and they are not in private hands, can we request them to be locked in someway, especially if they have never been traded?

This would put upward pressure on the LUNC price.



no one own them yet (by right). since luna using proof of stake, staking with the validators to get them

Everyone should ask this question. They don’t give any explanation. They’re speechless, as if the 6.5t LUNC is evenly distributed. Attackers, validators, Do Kwon roof where is this 6.5T?

What action is taken regarding the attacks?

Explain with a diagram To whom and how was 6.5t distributed in 1-2 hours?


Good question that has been asked, but is there an answer? Some would need to spend the time with forensics, and follow the distribution paths. I read somewhere that Binance had 2T of LUNC in a wallet.

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If we could find USTC that where just created, no transactions and on chain. That would be a faster burn that taxing. And to be fair they where created in error anyway.

not yet 2T. but could be there anytime now lol.

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