We do not want a reverse split

I’ll support terra yes. support do kwon’s proposal to fork NO. anyone who purchased after depeg will get a 1:0001 exchange. If you have 20,000,000 tokens now you will only have 300 after the fork. People need to take responsibility for their actions and their investments. Nothing is stopping ANYONE right now from buying Luna and forcing Terra to start transactional burning. This man blew billions of dollars and saved nothing. He only cares about saving his own ass and those at the top. This is not crypto, this is corporate backroom deals being used to screw over not only pre de-peg holders, but even more so the ones who decided to save / invest / trade / speculate on Luna as it went down. These people took the greatest risk and instead of being rewarded for these risky investments, they are going to change the rules by forking, shutting up any dissent by not allowing people who purchased post de-peg to vote on proposals. You currently can not vote on proposals if you purchased after the halt of the chain. They didn’t shut down trading, they made posts as it was crashing that everything would be ok. That they were working on it. People continued to buy in. After the halt they said they were coming up with a plan, people continued buying, and now they want to say "nah nevermind, we’re just going to make a new chain by forking this one. Oh and by the way, you will get basically nothing for your investments. In the long term it is better to institute transactional burns, work with exchanges to implement a small fee on every trade that is then sent from the exchanges to be burned. Use whatever LFG funds are left to begin buying back Luna. Institute a tax on every burn that sends X amount to a fund that will be used to repay UST holders the amount in dollars that they were owed. This helps EVERYONE. Not just one or two groups of people. They could fork, remove UST from the new fork and keep the current supply and implement this burn. This way people who are buying in now will profit and not get screwed over, previous Luna owners will see profits return to their holdings over time and they can still purchase now to get in low. this will also repay UST holders who have gotten burned. The new chain could then be used as an ecosystem for further development. While continuing the burn until a X amount of coins are left. But people are not trying to get this passed. You need to voice up on Twitter, take what I’m saying and put it in these guys faces that we do not want a fork unless we get the same luna on the new chain relative to the percent of the total supply. If I own 1% of the total supply now, i should own 1% of the total supply on the new one