Anndy Lian Response to The Useless Fork Proposal!

-I have seen some SELFISH ideas like make a fork and compensate small wallets and ignore whales since they so much money!!!

  • Fork it and dont ignore who bought below 10$

@fatman propsal is = ponzi scam or exit scam

All people money matters
No one cares if you bought at 1 or 0.5 or 50$
Any Luna hodler matters

Other than that is a scammer, Selfish, Greedy early hodler trying to exit the mess alone!


Do you think this proposal is feasible?

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Your such idiot.!
Whole retails will start to hate luna forever, if forked or proposed lunav2.

Just talk to cz or industrial expert.

Else it’s dying


No one would give money to buy and burn. All fund was used during the attack.


What ?
Do u even read
I am against the fork???

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The ust must be re-linked to 1usd. I can accept the previous ust, linear unlocking, and reducing apy. This will give the team time to deal with the ecology and reduce selling pressure. This is a three-way victory situation.!!

IF TERRA starts to Fork, It will be met with huge resistance. Do needs to stand up and be responsible.


ust has so many trading pairs, if ust does not recover to 1usd, terra will also GG. Give up the idea of a new luna, no one will believe this, if it fails again, do you want to make luna3, luna4

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Coool :slightly_smiling_face:

Lost 3000$ on this luna ride.

Yup , your against fork :plate_with_cutlery:.

Hope @dokwon listens lol

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